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The Greenwood Library is an optional area in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. While it had little of note in the original game, the v2 update turned it into a minor dungeon with great (and more-than-slightly fourth-wall-breaking) challenges and treasures.


The Greenwood Library is a large building on the west side of Greenwood Village, near Karen's Steroid Shop. Its main room has many shelves full of books; examining each shelf will provide helpful gameplay tips (mostly about Capturing foes). There is also a study area with a computer in the northeastern corner; to Lance's chagrin, this is apparently the only computer in the entire village. After the v2 update, a door was added to the back of this room, allowing access to another part of the library.

The back room of Greenwood Library is in noticeable disrepair, with several holes in the floor on the west side, many empty bookshelves on the east side, and piles of paper scattered throughout. One bookshelf in particular blocks off a short central path leading to a room filled with treasure and a piece of paper floating in mid-air; according to nearby NPCs, this paper can bring drawings to life as hostile monsters.

The "Book Worm" Medal is awarded for reading every book/gameplay tip in the Greenwood Library. There are 22 books in the original game and 30 in the v2 version.


While the Greenwood Library didn't have any foes initially, the v2 update added some enemies to the back rooms. Most of them are Wraiths and Worms, as well as some special paper-based foes like the Origami Dragon.

Sketch Boss Rush (Superbosses)


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Entrance and Steroid Shop

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