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Slime cat area in EBF4

Greenwood Village is an area in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. First debuting as the starting area of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, it is the hometown of Anna and the resting place of the Greenwood Jewel, one of three sacred stones said to summon Godcat.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Greenwood Village is an idyllic location, nestled amid a lush forest. Many buildings are simply large trees that have been hollowed out and furnished with the tenants' belongings.

The village's main feature is the shrine to the Greenwood Jewel, "built" in an open clearing at the center of the village. The jewel sits atop a large tree stump girdled with shimenawa rope. Eight torches are dotted around the edges of the shrine, along with a Slime Cat.

The inhabitants of Greenwood Village are mostly woodcarvers and farmers, with the latter raising livestock such as pigs and chickens. Some inhabitants (including Anna) are trained as Rangers to protect the village and the sacred jewel from hostile creatures and greedy thieves. There are also a number of friendly Wooden Idols around the village helping the villagers with their daily tasks.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Greenwood Village retains many characteristics from its EBF4 incarnation, but with some notable differences. It now has more sophisticated buildings and proper paths around trees instead of large cleared sections. The only building made of a hollowed-out tree that can be seen is Anna's house, which consists of a massive tree that allows her house to be two-storey with a deck built outside that spans several trees. Due to the lack of worship of the Sacred Jewels in this game, the green jewel no longer belongs to or is worshipped by Greenwood, instead being renamed the Emerald of Life.

Greenwood Village no longer has any known woodcarvers, and has many more trees growing around paths as opposed to mainly rectangular clear sections. There are still a few farmers that grow crops and raise livestock. Anna is now the only known real ranger defending Greenwood, which instead has typical guards to defend citizens and warn them about the Mystic Woods. The overall visible population and size of the town is significantly smaller. Notably, her best friend Sarah and Sarah's incompetent boyfriend Lenk return playing the same roles as they did in EBF4, standing outside Anna's house as they did in that game. There are no more friendly Idols around to help villagers, but there are many more hostile Bushes.

The most notable new addition to the village is the Greenwood Library, which contains several tips on the game and an optional sub-area introduced in the V2 update that features several unique paper enemies and new equipment and skills for the party (including Art Attack, a new Limit Break).


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The plot of EBF4 begins when the inhabitants of Greenwood Village discover that their sacred jewel has vanished. Suspecting the legendary trio of heroes/chronic kleptomaniacs - Matt, Natalie, and Lance - as the culprits, Anna resolves to find them and retrieve the Greenwood Jewel. After arming herself and saying farewell to her fellow villagers, she set off into Ashwood Forest to find the supposed thieves.

At the end of the game, the party finally manages to retrieve the Greenwood Jewel (along with the other two jewels stolen from Whitefall Town and Goldenbrick Resort) and return it to its rightful place in the village. Anna was elated, but the other three simply stood to the side and grumbled about the things their adventure had lacked.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

In EBF5, the town is in danger from Lance's plans of conquest after the Great Impact. As a result, Anna sets off to defeat Lance and stop his plan, only to run into and attack Matt and NoLegs after assuming they were on his side. Presumably, Greenwood Village and the Iron Fortress were in conflict prior to the events of EBF5 and up until Lance's defeat.

After the party defeats Lance, Greenwood Village becomes accessible. This time around, the town contributes little to the plot, but has many unique quests and story acknowledgements. One of his ex-soldiers can be found at the entrance, along with others interspersed in different locations, and a villager will note that Lance was their enemy, with Lance informing him that he's been "shamefully forced to retire" and join the party.

One of the women that the group rescues from Lance's harem other than Natalie is a woman named Karen, a villager from Greenwood Village who claims she has an exciting life to return to. The party eventually encounters her running the village's Steroids stall. If spoken to, she will sarcastically state that this is the "exciting life" she has returned to, and gives the party some food.


Like the main town in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, there is a wide variety of locations to be visited, such as hidden gaps, block puzzles, crafting/food and equipment shops and "shiny" objects in which lets the player find a secret item from within.

There are also a series of quests in Greenwood involving many item collecting quests in return for usable equipment, items, and summons.

The first Slime Cat is located at the center of the village, just above the Greenwood Jewel's altar.

The Ashwood Forest is directly east of Greenwood Village, and is the first area Anna must travel to on her quest. The Graybone Cemetery is directly south of the village, but a large gate bars players from entering until they can reach the other side and activate the lever. Lankyroot Jungle lies to the north of Greenwood Village, but most of the items are inaccessible until players find some new key items.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Greenwood Village has a far less significant role in EBF5, but it retains the same key features of every town in the game, including shops, quests, and a Slime Cat to the west of the village. Due to no longer being the first village, it also now has a Steroid Shop (which consists of a small stall), but also the presence of various foes.

Greenwood has an impressive library, as well as a pleasant bamboo-riddled area off to the north, including a shrine. Starting from the v2 update, the BOSH and the TOTOM Arcades can be found in the village.

The Mystic Woods lies to the west of the village.


(Not included: Greenwood Library)

The majority of Enemies found in Greenwood Village (5 only) are a mix of Earth, Poison, and Non-elemental.

Map (Epic Battle Fantasy 4)

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Map (Epic Battle Fantasy 5)

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0 K0GreenwoodVillage.png
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4 J4GreenwoodVillage.png K4GreenwoodVillage.png

Mini Map (EBF5)

Anna's House

0 J0MysticWoods.png
0 J0AnnasHouse.png
1 J1AnnasHouse.png
1 J1GreenwoodVillage.png

Pablo's Stable and Jamie's House

4 K4Basement.png
4 J4Stable.png K4JamiesHouse.png
4 J4GreenwoodVillage.png K4GreenwoodVillage.png

Equipment Shop and Randy's House

3 K3EquipmentShop.pngK3RandysHouse.png
3 K3GreenwoodVillage.png

Material and Food Shops

2 K2MaterialFoodShops.png
2 K2GreenwoodVillage.png


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Panties - Head to Anna's house and open the drawers; this also unlocks the Panty Thief medal.
  • Dreamcatcher - Found at the block puzzle area, you must find the Hammer in order to smash the rocks and get the treasure chest containing the staff.
  • Holy Water - There are 2 Holy Waters found in Greenwood. The first is located at the center of the village in which you must find the Candle to light all the torches, you can also get the Slime Bunny summon there. The second one is found at the Pool of Healing, however you must get the Leafy Boots in order to cross the lily pads and obtain it from the treasure chest.
  • Mad Cactus - You can acquire this summon by completing Cactussa's quests.
  • Pizza - There is a Pizza lying behind the Food Shop, but you need a Hammer to break the rock that is blocking the way.
  • Poking a chicken once unlocks the "Chicken Molester" medal.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

  • Cult - as with the other towns, a secret cult gathering can be found in the basement of one of the buildings; this time, it's in the basement of Jamie's House (accessed by pushing a bookcase to the side). The room contains powerful enemies, but also several useful items including the Dark Stalker, two key items (the Ruby of Death and a Gold Key), and miscellaneous forging items.
  • Arcade Rooms - added in the V2 update, there are 2 arcade rooms that can be found in Greenwood Village, containing arcade machines with unique powerful enemies and new items from treasure chests. The first can be found behind the item and food shop and contains a fight with 3 BOSH. The second can be found by attempting to enter a hidden path behind the bamboo at the lake after defeating the foe in the way, and contains a battle with 2 TOTOM. Each room contains one flair and a Monster Card after beating the arcade machine, along with other items hidden in "shiny" spots.
  • Orb Shrine - at the lake, there is a shrine where the four orbs used to activate the portal to The Rapture can also be placed. Doing so causes a chest to fall onto the bridge, which contains The Tr*force flair and some rare forging items.
  • Seasonal Key Item - interacting with the left statuette at K1 Greenwood Village will provide the player with a single Easter Egg alongside a Jungle Flower. While they are useless outside of Easter and 1 is not enough to do anything, finding it serves as an indication that Easter is one of the game's celebrated holidays.
  • Anna's flowerpot that contains a Jungle Flower regrows over time, as do some other flowerpots within the game. This means that it can be harvested indefinitely should the player return to it after some time.
  • As with any other animal, poking the goats in Greenwood Village has a 2% chance to trigger the conditions to unlock the "Where's Satan?" medal.

Music Themes

  • EBF4 - A Stroll Through Nostalgia is a theme that plays in Greenwood Village, it shares a different tune as that of "Estavius", the town theme of the previous game. It is also played at the game's ending (at least in the web version). It is a serene and peaceful tune, which corresponds with the habitat of the village.
  • EBF5 - A Breeze From Home is the new theme that plays upon entering Greenwood Village. Similar to the previous theme, it is a serene tune. A version with vocals is also used in the fight against God, with the lyrics being about the singer's home that is similar in theme to Greenwood Village.


  • In EBF4, it is implied that Greenwood Village once encompassed most of the Ashwood Forest visited by players before the meteorite impact that brought the forest to its current state. Evidence supporting this theory includes an NPC fretting about the Ashwood Forest "consuming" them all if the sacred jewel is not found, and an abandoned house in the depths of the forest that players can search for items.
    • By EBF5, Anna mentions that the area of Greenwood Village currently covered with bamboo was once Ashwood Forest. Sometime before the events of EBF5, the forest finished burning down, and the bamboo grew from the ashes. Any correlation between this and the Mystic Woods is unknown.
  • In EBF5, Anna said that she used to make Wooden Idols when she was a child, but they have fallen out of popularity by the events of said game, potentially explaining why there's no longer a multitude of Wooden Idols in Greenwood like in EBF4. Lance's involvement with the pollution of the Mystic Forest may have helped with the aggression of the remaining Idols.