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Hailstorm is an Ice-elemental special skill available for Natalie, Lance, and Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When Hailstorm is cast, everyone on the field is pelted with tiny ice chunks that deal modest magical Ice damage. Hailstorm has low Accuracy and double the normal critical hit rate.

Hailstorm is decently strong for its relatively low MP cost, at the expense of hitting allies as well as foes: however, players usually have more Magic Defence than foes, so they'll suffer minimal damage from the hail. Unfortunately, Hailstorm is outclassed by Ice Storm for damage purposes, and Cloudburst is more effective at removing things like Burn or Berserk; Hailstorm can be used to quickly remove Wet from the field, but not much else.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Hailstorm is unlocked by completing a quest in Goldenbrick Resort for Pam

EBF4 Skill Hailstorm.png
Hits all foes and allies.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Everyone Magical 100% Element Ice.png -- 80% 20% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 20/3 {18/3} -- -- 10 100
2 40/3 {39/3} -- -- 15 500
3 60/3 -- -- 20 2000