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"Whatever those hands are... someone didn't bury them deep enough."
―Natalie's first encounter with Hands, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Hands are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Hands are monstrous hands with a skeletal appearance. They jut out of the ground, holding a variety of weapons, including several types of sword, a hammer, a knife, and an axe. The normal sword, hammer, and knife have a single eye that occasionally looks around during the Hand's idle animation.

Apparently, the Hands are connected to something, though there is no clear explanation of what. When killed, they break off of whatever their wrist is attached to without revealing what it actually is.

Hands are usually found in graveyards, wastelands, and other abandoned/haunted areas.


Hands mainly attack by burrowing towards players and striking them with their weapon; this deals physical damage and can inflict a status effect. The attack's element, power, and status effect inflicted changes depending on the weapon the Hand is wielding; it can change the weapon it holds whenever it burrows underground, based on whatever element it deems best for the situation. Hands can also perform crude hand gestures to cast a magical skill instead, although this is used less often.

All Hands are weak to Earth and most are weak to Fire and Holy; conversely, most of them resist Bomb, Bio, Wind, and Dark. When used as summons, they apply a status effect to all foes or players.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The eyes on the Sword, Mallet and Knife wielded by Hands are a reference to the Demonic Weapons in Wakfu[1].
  • The Evil Axe that Hands can wield has a slight aesthetic resemblance to the Dark Stalker, with similar colors and an almost identical skull adorning its head.
  • Due to having their sprites mirrored when used as a summon, allied Hands are always left-handed, while enemy Hands are always right-handed.