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"Gets an extra turn. Cooldown will not recover during extra turns."
―Haste's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Haste.png

Haste is a positive status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. Its icon is a blue analog clock.

When a unit is inflicted by Haste, they'll be able to take an amount of extra actions equal to the strength of the status, consuming one stack for every additional action.

While players can take as many actions as Haste stacks they're inflicted with, foes have a restriction placed upon them: when a foe takes a turn, their Haste stacks are reduced all the way down to 0. This essentially means that foes can only get one single additional action from Haste, regardless of how many stacks of it they have. This particular interaction also makes it so enemies that inherently can take two actions per turn (eg. Laurelin) cannot benefit from Haste at all; the exception to the aforementioned case would be the foe gaining Haste again after their last action (such as having a Burned Fallen that goes after them cast Speed Up on them), which would allow them to take both of their actions again, though this is generally an impossible scenario.

Unlike most other statuses, Haste stacks won't decrease at the end of a turn, except when a unit is in the backup at the end of a turn (which automatically removes all their Haste stacks). This means that if an active unit with Haste stacks cannot act due to Freeze or Stun, their Haste stacks will remain the same and not decrease until they can take a turn again.


Haste is available to player and foes through:

Player Access

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Foe Access

Epic Battle Fantasy 5