"Holy spells are powerful, but only a few enemies are weak against them..."
―Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
  • In EBF3-4.
  • In EBF5.

Holy is one of the recurring elements in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It is associated with light, heavens, and what may be regarded as "positive" magic. Spells and skills of this element can often cause Weak, Dispel, and Syphon status effects.


The Holy element features some of the strongest non-limit break skills in the game (such as Holy Sword and Judgement), while weaker spells of that element often have increased chance to inflict their special effects (Holy Fire and Talisman Seal). However, most Holy skills are single-target, making it difficult to attack entire enemy waves at once. It is usually portrayed as the opposite of the Dark-element; most holy-themed foes are weak against dark attacks and vice versa.

Holy element is a relatively common element in the EBF series. Matt, Natalie, and Anna can learn Holy skills naturally, with Lance being the only party member that has to resort to shared skills and Holy-elemental weapons.

Holy is usually effective against Dark-based foes, such as Dark Bushes, Obsidian Idols, Black Clays, Evil Worms, Wraiths, Dark Golems and the Zombie Hydra. On the other hand, it tends to be ineffective against Holy-based foes, such as Sacred Runes, Gem Idols, White Clays, Chimera Bears, Sprites, Holy Eyes, and Sky Monoliths. Mage Birds and Mage Dogs also have Holy resistance.








  • Chimera Bear: 100% Holy
  • Gold Dragon: 100% Holy

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