Hope Harbor is the starting area of Epic Battle Fantasy 5.

Unlike most areas, Hope Harbor refers to both the town and the surrounding areas. The vast majority of Hope Harbor is rockland or desert, with vast swaths having little water outside of the ocean. As the name Hope Harbor suggests, the area is a fairly calm port town which specializes in trade and fishing.

The raft builder sometimes helps the people of Hope Harbor to make rafts for personal use, but since the rain of Monoliths onto the world along with Laurelin trapping the raft builder in his home most of Hope Harbor has been stranded and isolated.

Despite having easy access to the ocean, Hope Harbor only has low grade materials for sale.

The music that plays is a remixed version of We Dream of Booty, a song that played in Rock Lake in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

The boss of this area is Jotun, who appears next to the Ice Cave entrance.


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