"Eats random food items from a personal stash"
―Hungry's hover-over tip, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Hungry
Hungry is a negative status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5 that only affects players. Its icon is a fork and knife.

When a player is inflicted with Hungry, they become uncontrollable and will use up their turn in eating a random Food item, as the tooltip points out, this item is from a 'personal stash' and won't consume any items from the players' inventory. Hungry cannot be removed by cleansing items or spells. Additionally:

  • The consumed food will always be single-target, even if using it normally it'd affect all players.
  • The exact chances for each item are: 5/30 chance of Raspberries, 4/30 chance of Banana, 2/30 chance of Garlic, 2/30 chance of Pumpkin and 1/30 chance each for all other food items.
    • The list of food to be picked does not include Pretzels, Cupcakes, Coffee or Espresso, but otherwise has all food items, including rare foods like Chili or Pizza.
  • Hungry's behaviour takes priority over both Confuse and Berserk's.
  • Inflicting Stuffed on a Hungry player will remove the status.
    • There's one exception to this: the Stuffed inflicted by Squid-type enemies on death will not remove Hungry. If a player is inflicted with both Hungry and Stuffed, Hungry takes priority.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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