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The Ice Cave is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the third area of the game, accessible after Matt, NoLegs, and Natalie defeat Jotun.


As the name suggests, the Ice Cave is a small, frozen cave on the southern edge of the northern continent. It connects Hope Harbor and No Man's Land; at the start of the game, it is the only way to cross the Rainbow River's northern tributary.

The Ice Cave introduces players to "Slip N' Slide" puzzles; if the player steps on an ice tile, they will slide straight ahead until they hit an obstacle or reach a non-ice tile. Most of the secrets and treasures can still be reached with some clever maneuvering, but at least one will require the party to return after finding the Spiked Boots in the Frozen Valley.

In the paid version of EBF5, the Freezeflame Dungeon can be accessed from the rightmost screen of the Ice Cave, immediately before the last Slip N' Slide puzzle.

The Ice Cave normally lacks a proper music theme, instead opting for ominous ambiance. However, activating a radio in the western side will play "Innocence" (the menu theme) from Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


The Ice Cave has a small population of Ice-based foes, notably including the party's first encounters with Ores, Sprites, and Monoliths.


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