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Item Ice Crystal.png
"Casts Ice Spike and deals ice damage."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The Ice Crystal is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is a light blue crystal used for forging certain pieces of Ice-related equipment.

Aside from its crafting uses, the Ice Crystal can also be used during battle. It casts Ice Spike, dealing moderate physical Ice damage to a single enemy with a small chance to inflict Death on the target.

Ice Crystals can be bought in The Town for 1,200 gold. 63 will be needed to upgrade all of the relevant equipment.

Drop Rate

Ice Crystals are dropped from Ice-based foes.


  • Blizzard - 1 on Level 2, 3 on Level 4, 20 on Level 5
  • Arctic Wind - 2 on Level 3, 15 on Level 4, 5 on Level 5
  • Ice Shards - 1 on Level 2, 1 on Level 3, 5 on Level 4, 10 on Level 5