"These idol guys would look a bit more menacing if they weren't only a foot tall."
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
  • Wooden Idol (EBF4)
  • Ice Idol
  • Obsidian Idol
  • Clay Idol
  • Gem Idol (EBF4)
  • Wooden Idol (EBF5)
  • Stone Idol
  • Metal Idol
  • Gem Idol (EBF5)
are a new enemy class introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Idols are small, vaguely humanoid beings made of various materials (similar to Golems, but on a smaller scale). They are pieces of debris animated by magical energy, whether intentionally or accidentally.

Apparently, Idols can be used as workers and companions (most notably in Greenwood Village), but most of the ones seen in-game are hostile for unknown reasons.

Idols appear in environments befitting their elemental affinity.


Like Slimes and Bushes, Idols are low tier foes that are more of an annoyance than anything else. They have slightly above-average Evade and various disruptive attacks, but they are easily defeated and usually have several weaknesses. Their resistances vary between each type.

In EBF5, Idols can be captured and used as summons. They are all relatively cheap to summon, usually costing a small amount of SP, and grant different status effects to the entire party (including backup).


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Idols continue the trend of a "cute", low-tier enemy being introduced as the first enemies of each Epic Battle Fantasy game. In comparison, the original had Slimes, the second game introduced Cat Soldiers, the third had Bushes, and the fifth game introduced Worms.
  • According to Matt in EBF4, Idols are about a foot tall. The ones fought in-game are significantly larger than that (presumably a deliberate visual choice), but the Wooden Idol in Anna's possession seems to be closer to the stated size.
  • The five species of Idols make up the first wave of Battle Mountain's Monster Marathon.
  • The Idols appear in the EBF4 loading screen; clicking each Idol breaks it, adding to a counter. Once 100 Idols are broken, the player receives a medal.
    • So far, this is the first and only time that the "preloader minigame" has featured an enemy other than Slimes.
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