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"A weight used by people who want to level up their bodies."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Iron Plate is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is a circular weight made out of black iron; according to the engravings on its surface, it weighs ten kilograms. It is used for forging various types of metal equipment, mainly for their first and second upgrades.

Iron Plates can be bought at any Material Shop for 200 gold. To upgrade all of the relevant gear, 96 Iron Plates will be required.

Drop Rate

Iron Plates are mainly dropped by foes with visible metallic equipment or components, with the Blaze Hydra and the Topaz Golem being notable exceptions.

Additionally, an Iron Plate has a 12% chance to drop when smashing boulders with The Hammer.



  • The Iron Plate seems to be the EBF5 equivalent of the Iron Ore from EBF4, with similar applications in forging.