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This article is about the flying jellyfish enemies. For the grounded slime enemies, see Slimes.

Jellies (or Jellys) are an enemy class in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They have appeared in the secondthird, and fourth games, as well as the Bullet Heaven spin-off.


As their name suggests, Jellies appear to be giant, colorful jellyfish with long tentacles and transparent bells that often contain visible organs or an orb of energy. Two of their tentacles are longer than the rest and held up like arms; many species have an additional pair of especially large tentacles with pointed ends and ridged sides. In EBF4, most Jellies also have a pair of eyes on their bell following the Battle Mountain update.

Unlike the real-world animals they are based on, Jellies are never found in the water, instead appearing to hover just above the ground. Matt comments on this in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, breaking the fourth wall to wonder if it would have been too difficult to draw a patch of water beneath the Jellies.

Jellies are usually found in beach and ocean areas; in EBF4, certain species appear in other locations befitting their elemental affinity.


"Lava jellyfish! Unlike most fire enemies, water won't work against them! They're annoying like that."
―Anna upon seeing a Red Jelly, Epic Battle Fantasy 4
Jellies are low to mid-tier foes that can attack the players by striking them with their tentacles and employing magic attacks which tend to be capable of hitting the entire party. In EBF2, they were mainly associated with Water and Thunder, as well as the Stun and Poison Status Effects. However, in later titles, the different species are given different elemental powers, with each variant using only one element to attack.

Jellies have a variety of weaknesses and resistances, but they are all resistant to Water (and Bomb in EBF4), and weak to Ice. They also share a weakness to Bio - including the Green Jelly, which actually uses Bio attacks.


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  • In each successive appearance, the Jelly family has one more member than the previous game; interestingly, this also lets them match the number of the game they appear in.
  • In every Epic Battle Fantasy game they appear in, the Jellies have had one member that specializes in Thunder attacks. However, that member has changed with every game; the Red Jelly in EBF2, the Purple Jelly in EBF3, and the Yellow Jelly in EBF4.
  • The Green Jelly is the only EBF4 Jelly species that still lacks eyes after the Battle Mountain update.
  • The different types of EBF4 Jellies make up the seventeenth wave of the Battle Mountain Monster Marathon.