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"A rare flower with an extraordinary scent."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 4&5

The Jungle Flower is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5. It is a large flower used for forging mostly nature-themed equipment, although it's also used for some Holy-based gear in EBF5.

In EBF4, Jungle Flowers have eight red petals and a cluster of orange pistils at their center, with five green leaves visible at the base. They can be bought in Whitefall Town and Goldenbrick Resort for 4,800 gold, and 34 are needed to upgrade everything.

In EBF5, Jungle Flowers resemble daisies with pale yellow centers, twelve pink-tinted petals, and a bright green leaf visible at the base. They can be bought in any Material Shop for 300 gold, and 55 are needed to upgrade all of the relevant equipment. Additionally, Jungle Flowers are used to solve a puzzle in the Forgotten Ruins; conveniently, nine of them can be found in a nearby chest.

Drop Rate

Jungle Flowers are mainly dropped by Bio-based foes, particularly ones with prominent flowers or plant parts in their designs.

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Epic Battle Fantasy 4

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  • The Leafy Hairclip and Flower Bobble are the only pieces of equipment to use Jungle Flowers for forging in both EBF4 and 5.
  • Between EBF4 and 5, Jungle Flowers can be farmed from all five species of Flowers; Florns, Stunflowers, and Rainblooms drop them in EBF4 while Froses and Heasies drop them in EBF5.