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General locations of the keys in EBF4. (From official walkthrough)

Keys are a group of Key Items found in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5. They are used to unlock boxes that are blocking certain treasures. There are multiple types of boxes, however, each requiring a specific type of Key.

They may be inspired by the Old Key from Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Types of Keys

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Keys in EBF4 are found scattered across the map, and open various blocks also scattered across the map. These blocks sometimes grant access to a chest, make a shortcut available to the player, or sometimes even open up a new section of the map.

There are twenty Keys and associated blocks in the game; five of each type.

Copper Key

A Copper Key (EBF4)

The first type of key found in the game. It is made of copper and possessing a somewhat archaic-looking design, with numerous small, rectangular teeth lining both sides of its blade. It is used to remove Copper Blocks.

Copper Keys are scattered all over the map, but mainly appear in early areas of the game, such as Greenwood Village, Ashwood Forest, and the Crystal Caverns.

Steel Key

A Steel Key

A more conventional-looking key, resembling a thicker, angular, silver version of the Old Key with two odd projections on the corner of its head. It opens Steel Blocks.

Steel Keys mainly appear in the eastern side of the map, especially in or around the Waste Disposal Plant.

Gold Key

A Gold Key {EBF4)

A key made of gold with more spaced-out versions of the Steel Key's teeth and an ornate head decorated with tiny red gems. It removes Gold Blocks, which can be identified by their golden colour and the red markings around the keyhole.

Gold Keys are scattered throughout the northern half of the map. The first one can be found in Lankyroot Jungle, but the majority are found in or around the Temple of Godcat.

Coral Key

A Coral Key (EBF4)

A pale pink key resembling a spiky "G" with a teardrop-shaped handle adorned with a blue gem (possibly a Sapphire). It opens Coral Blocks, which appear to be sandy brown blocks with red coral branches on one corner.

Coral Keys are almost exclusively found in or around Goldenbrick Resort. They are the last type of key introduced to the player.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Keys return in EBF5 with a different purpose. While they are still used to unlock blocks, the blocks are grouped into a single "treasure room" area (such as the Grand Gallery or inside the Tree). As such, multiple keys can be "redeemed" for treasure at once, and their use in aiding with navigation is no longer applicable.

Wooden Key

A Wooden Key

A key seemingly made from a single bent twig, with four small projections on the back and a fifth one acting as a tooth. It also has a green leaf on one side and a small green gem (likely an Emerald) set in the head. It is used to remove Wooden Blocks Inside the Tree in the Mystic Woods.

There are five Wooden Keys: (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5).

Coral Key

A Coral Key (EBF5)

Similar in appearance to the EBF4 version, but with a slightly darker color scheme (most notably on the gem in its head). This key is used to remove Coral Blocks on the eastern islands of the Rainbow River.

There are six Coral Keys: (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) and (6).

Topaz Key

A Topaz Key

A key that appears to be based on the Copper Keys of EBF4, but made of light grey stone and with a small Topaz set in its diamond-shaped head. It is used to remove Topaz Blocks in the various buildings of Redpine Town.

There are four Topaz Keys: (1), (2), (3) and (4).

Copper Key

A Copper Key (EBF5)

A delicate-looking key with a single rectangular tooth on its blade and a head formed of three interlocking circles. It is used to remove Copper Blocks on the ground floor of Anna's House in Greenwood Village.

There are four Copper Keys: (1)(2), (3) and (4).

Gold Key

A Gold Key (EBF5)

A fancy-looking key with a diamond-shaped head with four tiny spikes on its sides and a red gem set in the center. Its blade has a large tooth that splits into two square projections separated by a triangular indent. It is used to remove Gold Blocks at the ends of the Grand Gallery's main hall.

There are six Gold Keys: (1)(2)(3)(4)(5) and (6).

Diamond Key

A Diamond Key

A complex-looking key made of silver and gray metal, a piece of diamond on its head and a small tooth on a triangular silver section of the blade. It is used to remove Diamond Blocks in the Forgotten Temple.

There are four Diamond Keys: (1)(2)(3) and (4).


  • The Steel Key is the only type of EBF4 key that is absent in EBF5.
  • The Coral Key is the only key type that remains visually consistent in both EBF4 and EBF5; in comparison, the Gold and Copper Keys were greatly redesigned, with the latter's old design being used for the Topaz Key.