Slime King

King Slime as he appears in first Epic Battle Fantasy

King Slime is the first boss in Epic Battle Fantasy and the ruler of Slimes in said game. He appears as a giant slime with a brick tower on top of it where NoLegs sits with a mounted cannon, there are also two swords and a spear stuck in slime's back.

King Slime will attack Matt and Natalie by either slamming physically into them or shooting with the mounted cannon, he will also sometimes heal himself.

While this character only appears in Epic Battle Fantasy, many foes in subsequent games are based upon his design: All variations of Kitten Forts, Giant Slimes, and Giant Bushes.

Defeating this boss will award the player with the King Slime Medal on Newgrounds.


  • Easy Mode: 56,000 HP. Can hit both players for ±3000 Damage
  • Normal Mode: 70,000 HP. Can hit both players for ±3750 Damage
  • Hard Mode: 84,000 HP. Can hit both players for ±4500 Damage
  • Epic Mode: 98,000 HP. Can hit both players for ±5250 Damage


Kitten Slime

A Slime which looks like a Kitten, but is not.

  • King Slime is the first boss of the Epic Battle Fantasy series.
  • It is actually unclear whether the title of "King Slime" belongs to NoLegs who rides on top of the Giant Slime or the slime itself.
  • The weapons on the back of the slime are a reference to some of the weapons used by Matt in the previous game - Brawl Royale.
  • As Furry Slimes that look like kittens are technically not cats, NoLegs seen in this fight is the only kitten in the game.
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