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Kitten Kingdom Ruins Boss, Protector

The Kitten Kingdom Ruins (also known as Kitten Ruins for short) are the fifth area in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, after Glacier Valley and before Volcano Peak.


The ruined capitol gates of the Kitten Empire

The Kitten Ruins are the ancient remnants of a great cat civilization, bearing a vaguely Egyptian or Greco-Roman aesthetic. The parts explored in-game seem to be a derelict temple or crypt made of off-white stone, dotted with simple arches, pillars, and statues of cats. Unlike other areas, the ruins are very non-linear, requiring a fair amount of backtracking in order to progress.

The Kitten Ruins are notable in EBF3 for their significant puzzle elements, mainly centered around the heavy grey doors dotting the area. Most of the doors can be opened by manipulating the four levers found in the southwestern corner of the ruins; the exact combinations are hinted at by simple diagrams beside each door, some of which are blocked by enemies. However, the largest door can only be opened by finding Crimson Orbs and placing them on the four pedestals in front of it; once accomplished, the party can proceed to the boss of the area.

Many of the NPCs in the Kitten Ruins belong to an archaeological expedition trying to unearth the secrets of the ancient civilization. Despite significant hinderance from the puzzles and monsters filling the ruins, they have managed to unearth a number of relics, including macabre idols of crying cats and powerful magic stones.


Most of the foes in the Kitten Kingdom Ruins are rocky, mechanical, or Thunder-based. There are also a few beasts lurking around, including Birds, Eaters, and Giant Insects, but the most impressive specimen is a Sandworm found near the lever puzzle.


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  • The Kitten Kingdom Ruins seem to be inspired by the Roman empire, though they is also a blend of some other cultures.
    • The area outside of the ruins has tepees and a Native American-like NPC.
    • The pillars are generic unstylized pillars of little importance. The style happens to be Tuscan.