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Lancelot as he appears in One More Final Battle.

"You're wasting your time, kids."
―Lancelot, One More Final Battle

Lancelot is a character who appeared in One More Final Battle alongside Lazarus, battling against Matt and Natalie, obstructing their way to Disk 4.

Role in One More Final Battle

Shortly after battle begins, Lancelot is called by Lazarus to join the fray and back him up in order to defeat the heroes. Lancelot then proceeds by using the "Moon Jump", jumping high into the air, and after 20 seconds finally landing, dealing damage to both heroes. Right after his attack Matt uses Freezie to freeze Lancelot, effectively disabling him from battle, until he is accidentally defrosted by Natalie's Thunderbolt. Heavily annoyed, Lancelot enters "Rage" mode, sharply increasing his attack and dexterity (though also reducing intelligence), and gets into a serious exchange of blows with Matt during which he uses the "Monkey Dance" technique. Afterwards, Lancelot is finally put down by Meow Meow and his "Giant Sword Attack", though it also knocks down Natalie in the process. Lancelot's sacrifice does not go to waste as right after his demise, Lazarus rejoins the battle, now boosted with "HAX!! Overload" and blasts Matt (as well as himself) into the sea of swords.


Lancelot is a young man with fair skin and red hair. He wears a ragged red shirt with a black strip diagonally across it, an also rugged black pants with brown belt, as well as a black headband tied on his head. He wields a long spear with a golden head - an early version of the Thunder Spear.

Relation to Lance

Lancelot may look relatively similar to Lance, that is because originally Lance's design was actually supposed to be a graphical remake of Lancelot, similar to Matt, Natalie, and Lazarus' graphical updates seen in Brawl Royale. Though Matt Roszak realized that Lancelot's "new" design no longer looks like him, and thus decided to make a completely different character out of it - Lance.


  • The weapon he wields in One More Final Battle is the Thunder Spear.