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The Lava Lake is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is a sub-area of The Rapture and the penultimate area visited by the party, only followed by The Beyond.


The Lava Lake is the epicenter of the meteor impact that devastated the southern continent, going deep enough to expose the mantle. As such, most of the area is filled with superheated molten rock and is inaccessible; the party only traverses the western shore.

The remaining land surrounding the Lava Lake is similar to the rest of The Rapture; black and grey stone dotted with red mushrooms, black structures with glowing red runes (similar to a Cosmic Monolith), and chunks of stone and red crystals. However, there are also several small volcanoes and large cracks that expose further lava fissures far below. The northern section of the Lava Lake features a small graveyard and the locations of The Candle, the Fire Orb, and the Temple of Trials.

Despite the extremely dangerous conditions, a number of NPCs can be found in the Lava Lake. Most appear to be researching the area in an attempt to learn the origin of the meteor or preparing a defense against the monsters also occupying the area. These NPCs are presumably responsible for setting up the bridges and metal walkways around the Lava Lake, allowing the party to traverse the area more easily.


As a part of The Rapture, the Lava Lake has a similar selection of foes; however, undead and Fire-based creatures are particularly common. While it doesn't have a full-fledged boss, the party will have to defeat a pair of Blaze Hydras to progress: a two-headed specimen is fought on the walkways over the lava, and a three-headed specimen guards the Fire Orb.


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The Lava Lake forms the southeastern corner of the world map and the eastern half of The Rapture.

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