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Leaf Blade used on a Dead Pixel

Leaf Blade is a basic Bio-elemental skill available to Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It becomes Razor Leaf at Level 3.


When cast, two sets of four leaves (small lily pads, followed by large palm leaves) appear around the target and converge on it, dealing two hits of heavy physical Bio damage.

Unlike most Bio attacks, Leaf Blade lacks a status condition. However, due to its strong power (especially after becoming Razor Leaf) and high critical hit chance, it is one of Anna's staple attacks and an essential part of any offensive build she might use.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Leaf Blade becomes Razor Leaf at Level 3. Anna comes with the skill already learned at Level 2.

EBF5 Skill Leaf Blade.png
Leaf Blade
Simple Bio attack which hits a single target twice.
  • High critical hit rate.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Single Physical 100% EBF5 Element Bio.png -- 100% 30% 10%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength AP Cost
1 50/2 -- -- N/A
2 95/2 -- -- N/A


  • Leaf Blade seems to be a reference to the Pokémon move of the same name. Both deal heavy damage with a high critical-hit rate.