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"Ewww, filthy disease carrying worms! Don't let them bite me - I don't want to be infected!"
―Natalie, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Worms (or Lesser Worms to avoid confusion with their larger counterparts from previous games, to make it simple) are a group of foes introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


Worms are small, cute creatures that resemble stylized caterpillars. They have a pair of large eyes and a small mouth that can have varying expressions. Worms also have a pair of small antennae on their head. Much like their greater counterparts, it has been advised in-game that these worms are also not suited for consumption.

Worms appear practically everywhere in the game.


Worms are low-tier foes with incredibly low stats and simplistic combat strategies. They attack with pathetically weak and inaccurate bites and stings, but they can also assume a defensive stance to gain a few stat boosts. Their attacks can actually inflict some status effects, but this really should not be an issue at all. They can also call in more Worms for backup at the start of their turn, but given how weak Worms are, this is more of an annoyance than anything else. Multi-target attacks are the best option to take them out before they can bring in reinforcements, especially on higher difficulty levels where their summon chance increases.

Most Worms are weak to Earth, Bio, and Dark. They commonly lack resistances, aside from absorbing one particular element. All Worms are susceptible to Poison and Virus, although this will actually help the Putrid Worm due to its Bio absorption.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • The Worms serve as the "cute cannon fodder" enemies of EBF5, continuing the trend of "cute" low-tier enemies that was previously upheld by Slimes in EBF1, Cats in EBF2, Bushes in EBF3, and Idols in EBF4.
  • The Book Worm's beastiary states that the worms (the lesser variety) have their own language, like the Cats.