• Matt's Ragnarok
  • Matt's Cleaver
  • Natalie's Kyun
  • Natalie's Genesis
  • Lance's Oblivion
  • Anna's Mother Earth
Limit Break is a feature in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, based on the concept from the Final Fantasy franchise. The mechanic is first introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, and appears in every installment onward.


A Limit Break is an ultimate attack that can be used by the main characters of the game. When used properly, a Limit Break can turn the tide of a battle instantly. A character that knows at least one Limit Break skill will gain a red Limit bar, which can be filled by taking damage. A Limit Break can only be used when this red Limit bar is full, emptying it completely when used.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Matt and Natalie have one Limit Break each, which automatically replaces the standard attack when their Limit bar is full. They were not named directly until Epic Battle Fantasy 3, when they were identified as Matt's Cleaver and Natalie's Kyun.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Unlike the previous game, the characters now have to learn a Limit Break skill in order to use it. Each character can learn a maximum of three Limit Breaks. Also, a Limit Break does not replace the standard attack option like in the previous game, allowing the player to save their Limit Breaks for tougher situations.




Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Limit Breaks return in Epic Battle Fantasy 4, albeit with some changes. Each of the 4 characters now have two Limit Breaks unique to themselves, one of which can be learned at the beginning of the game. The rest of these Limit Breaks fall under Shared Skills. Most of these Shared Limit Breaks have pre-requisite skills which that character must know before they can learn that Limit Break. Players can also consume a bottle of chili sauce to reach their Limit Break instantly.

Matt (Unique)

Natalie (Unique)

Lance (Unique)

Anna (Unique)

Shared Limit Breaks

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Limit Breaks in Epic Battle Fantasy 5!

Limit Breaks in Epic Battle Fantasy 5!