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"A rare form of ice only found in warm climates."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 4 & 5

Liquid Ice is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 and 5. It is water used for forging mostly Ice- and Water-themed equipment; in EBF4, it is also used to forge a few pieces of gear that feature bottles in their design.

In EBF4, Liquid Ice is stored in a cone-shaped phial with a brown rope tied around the neck; three blue beads are attached to the rope. It can be bought in Whitefall Town and Goldenbrick Resort for 1,100 gold; to complete all of the relevant upgrades, 128 are required.

In EBF5, Liquid Ice appears to be a swirl of water, being a duller shade of blue than its EBF4 incarnation. It can be bought in any Material Shop for 1100 gold, and 118 are needed to upgrade everything.

Drop Rate

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Liquid Ice is dropped by Jellies and many Ice-based enemies, as such, the Crystal Caverns are a good place to farm it.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Liquid Ice is mainly dropped by Water-based foes, with the Sea Dragon and Pink Squid being able to drop two at once. As such, battles along the shores of the Rainbow River can provide ample opportunity to farm it if necessary.

Additionally, Liquid Ice has a 40% chance to drop when destroying snow piles with The Shovel.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • Liquid Ice is the counterpart of Solid Water, with their item descriptions being opposites of each other.
  • The EBF4 version of Liquid Ice strongly resembles the Ether item used in Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2, with the main difference being the angle of the phial and the beaded rope tied around its neck.