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Epic Battle Fantasy 3 features 75 unique Foes, this page lists all of them in order of their entries in the Bestiary (in format: row,column).

By using Lance's Scan skill, players may add foes into their bestiary, which enables them to see their stats, and elemental and status weaknesses and resistances.

No. Icon Name Description
1,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Green Slime.png Green Slime The most common resident of every forest. Is very weak and uses only standard attacks.
1,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Giant Green Slime.png Giant Green Slime Huge version of the common green slime. Attacks with wind and poison skills.
1,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Blue Slime.png Blue Slime Water based variety of the common Slime. It's attacks have a water property.
1,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Giant Blue Slime.png Giant Blue Slime Frosty and massive slime, can heal allies with hail.
1,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Red Slime.png Red Slime Fiery variety of the common Slime. Immune to magical damage.
1,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Giant Red Slime.png Giant Red Slime Massive flame slime, casts fire spells. Immune to magical damage.
1,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Yellow Slime.png Yellow Slime Electric slime, it's attacks may stun. Casts Thunderbolt.
1,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Furry Slime.png Furry Slime A slime that bred with a furry animal. Slightly stronger than normal Green Slimes.
1,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Blue Jelly.png Blue Jelly Jellyfish which heals allies with water spells.
1,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Purple Jelly.png Purple Jelly Jellyfish which attacks with thunder.
1,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Red Jelly.png Red Jelly Jellyfish which stuns and poisons with a sting.
2,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Garden Snail.png Garden Snail Destroyer of your crops. Attacks with water.
2,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Spiral Crab.png Spiral Crab Defensive creature which attacks with bursts of water.
2,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Spike Crab.png Spike Crab Defensive creature which attacks differently in different environments.
2,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Green Bush.png Green Bush A timid creature well hidden among other plants.
2,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Red Bush.png Red Bush A rare variety of Bush, with better defensive skills.
2,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Dark Bush.png Dark Bush A timid creature well hidden under the ash.
2,7 EBF3 Foe Icon White Bush.png White Bush A timid creature well hidden under the snow.
2,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Leaf Eater.png Leaf Eater A defensive foe which attacks with earth and poison.
2,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Glacier Eater.png Glacier Eater A defensive foe which attacks with earth and ice.
2,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Lava Eater.png Lava Eater An offensive foe which attacks with earth and fire.
2,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Rock Eater.png Rock Eater Can perform an immensely damaging forward flip.
3,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Swift Crow.png Swift Crow An evasive bird which searches for shiny gems.
3,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Mage Bird.png Mage Bird Casts a wide variety of elemental spells.
3,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Thunderbird.png Thunderbird Crashes thunderbolts down upon your head.
3,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Haunted Tree.png Haunted Tree An old tree posessed (sic) be evil. Can inflict stun and poison.
3,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Yellow Bee.png Yellow Bee Evasive bug. Can stun with a sting, and also lower defence.
3,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Purple Bee.png Purple Bee A bug which can heal it's allies and attack with sparkly stuff.
3,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Red Bee.png Red Bee Evasive bug. Lowers accuracy with a smog.
3,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Dark Moth.png Dark Moth Evasive bug. Very aggressive and can inflict poison.
3,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Kitten Soldier.png Kitten Soldier Rebellious pets that joined the army. Not very dangerous.
3,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Kitten Fort.png Kitten Fort A solid fort which rockets into enemies. Also throws powder kegs.
3,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Trojan Horse.png Trojan Horse Not really a horse at all. Attacks with explosives and rallies the troops.
4,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Shark Igloo.png Shark Igloo An igloo storing fish for the kitten army.
4,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Eyeball.png Eyeball Attacks with non-elemental laser beams.
4,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Beholder.png Beholder Attacks with non-elemental laser beams and poisonous tentacles.
4,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Red Clay.png Red Clay A soldier made of clay. Uses earth and fire elemental attacks.
4,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Blue Clay.png Blue Clay A soldier made of clay. Uses wind elemental attacks.
4,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Light Clay.png Light Clay A priest made of clay. Heals and buffs allies.
4,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Dark Clay.png Dark Clay An elite clay soldier. Uses earth and dark elemental attacks.
4,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Frozen Eye.png Frozen Eye Attacks with ice and casts several spells.
4,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Holy Eye.png Holy Eye Uses holy, wind and healing spells.
4,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Ancient Eye.png Ancient Eye Inflicts syphon status and lowers magical attack power. Attacks with no element.
4,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Gunslinger.png Gunslinger Can snipe players for instant death. Uses a variety of bomb moves.
5,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Swordslinger.png Swordslinger Uses very non-elemental stabby attacks.
5,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Ice Bit.png Ice Bit A floating and annoying chunk of ice and rock.
5,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Fire Bit.png Fire Bit A floating and self-destructive chunk of molten rock.
5,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Ice Elemental.png Ice Elemental Attacks with blades and ice magic.
5,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Earth Elemental.png Earth Elemental Uses blades and earth, bomb and poison attacks.
5,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Fire Elemental.png Fire Elemental Attacks with blades and fire and bomb magic.
5,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Light Golem.png Light Golem Gets weaker as it takes damage and loses limbs.
5,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Dark Golem.png Dark Golem Gets weaker as it takes damage and loses limbs.
5,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Sandworm.png Sandworm Attacks with earth, wind and poison. Bleeds when weakened.
5,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Drill Bot.png Drill Bot It's drills will pierce your heavens.
5,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Skull Ghost.png Skull Ghost Only casts spells. Immune to physical damage.
6,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Viking Monolith.png Viking Monolith Uses extremely powerful attacks and has much HP.
6,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Ancient Monolith.png Ancient Monolith Uses extremely powerful attacks and buffs. Dispels your buffs.
6,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Cosmic Monolith.png Cosmic Monolith Distorts the space and time around it to avoid attacks. Destroys everything.
6,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Zombie Dragon.png Zombie Dragon Attacks with dark and poison magic.
6,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Jack.png Jack Powerful robot boss. Attacks with fire, earth and bomb attacks.
6,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Giant Squid.png Giant Squid Spawns tentacles and attacks with water and dark magic.
6,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Squid Arm.png Squid Arm The Giant Squid's tentacle, which can stun and poison, and regenerate.
6,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Tundra Mammoth.png Tundra Mammoth Attacks with earth, fire and ice. Summons a variety of backup.
6,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Protector.png Protector Stores energy and unleashes massive particle beams. Summons Runes.
6,10 EBF3 Foe Icon Rune.png Rock Rune Casts earth spells. Suicides at low HP.
6,11 EBF3 Foe Icon Rune.png Fire Rune Casts fire spells. Suicides at low HP.
7,1 EBF3 Foe Icon Rune.png Bolt Rune Casts thunder spells. Suicides at low HP.
7,2 EBF3 Foe Icon Rune.png Holy Rune Casts holy spells. Suicides at low HP.
7,3 EBF3 Foe Icon Abyss.png Abyss Attacks with dark and poison magic.
7,4 EBF3 Foe Icon Blaze.png Blaze Attacks with fire, smoke and sharp teeth.
7,5 EBF3 Foe Icon Czars.png Czars Attacks with holy skills and heals allies. Can inflict dispel.
7,6 EBF3 Foe Icon Rune Claw.png Rune Claw Casts elemental spells based on it's master's status. Can also heal and buff.
7,7 EBF3 Foe Icon Evil Worm.png Evil Worm Uses poison, water, dark and bomb attacks.
7,8 EBF3 Foe Icon Evil Tail.png Evil Tail Uses poison, water, dark and bomb attacks.
7,9 EBF3 Foe Icon Akron.png Akron Has lived for billions of years. Can change elements and attacks patterns.