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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 features 216 unique foes (164 before the v2 update and 149 in free versions), this page lists all of them in order of their entries in the Bestiary (in format: page:row,column) — which is inconsistent between paid and free versions, as the free versions now skip the slots of foes exclusive to the paid version.

By using the Scan Foes tactic (as well as successfully capturing), players may add foes into their bestiary, which enables them to see their stats, as well as elemental, status, and stat debuff weaknesses and resistances.

  • Marked (*) foes were introduced in the v2 update.
Free# Paid# Icon Name Description
1:1,1 1:1,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Chocolate Slime.png Chocolate Slime A blob of chocolate pudding. You're probably better off not tasting it though.
1:1,2 1:1,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Sand Slime.png Sand Slime While it may look like sand, it's actually a sticky slime. It's good at hiding in the desert.
1:1,3 1:1,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Icecream Slime.png Icecream Slime A blob made from icecream scoops. What flavor? Bubblegum, of course.
1:1,4 1:1,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Lava Slime.png Lava Slime A blob of molten lava, ejaculated from a volcano. Obviously uses fire attacks.
1:1,5 1:1,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Mud Slime.png Mud Slime A weak enemy made from fertile mud. It supports the growth of swamplands.
1:1,6 1:1,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Water Slime.png Water Slime A blob of strange living water. It's not safe for drinking, presumably.
1:1,7 1:1,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Slime Bunny.png Slime Bunny A strange crossbreed of slimes and bunnies. It's very friendly and offers healing to friends and foes alike.
1:1,8 1:1,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Slime Mouse.png Slime Mouse An electric mouse made from slime. Totally not a Pok*mon of any sort.
1:1,9 1:1,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Big Chocolate Slime.png Big Chocolate Slime Watch out, it's a trap! It'll weigh you down with its chocolate puke, and then hit you with earth attacks.
1:1,10 1:1,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Big Sand Slime.png Big Sand Slime The lord of the cacti. It uses powerful earth and bio attacks. When it starts bouncing, watch out!
1:2,1 1:2,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Big Icecream Slime.png Big Icecream Slime Do not try to eat it, as it will be stuck in your digestive system for years. It can set up icy combos with the chill and freeze status effects.
1:2,2 1:2,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Big Lava Slime.png Big Lava Slime Stigmatized for smoking-related health problems, but doesn't actually smoke. It just lives in a smoky neighbourhood. It uses some powerful fire attacks.
1:2,3 1:2,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Big Mud Slime.png Big Mud Slime Absorbs unsuspecting travellers who get trapped in quicksand. It uses bio magic that can poison or stun.
1:2,4 1:2,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Cat Warrior.png Cat Warrior A mighty warrior by cat standards. It'll gang up on players that look hurt, and has high defence until its shield is knocked away.
1:2,5 1:2,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Cat Wizard.png Cat Wizard A cat that throws out a lot of different spells at random. It'll even heal its allies occasionally.
1:2,6 1:2,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Cat Sniper.png Cat Sniper Arm a cat with riot gear and it'll go mad with power. These guys will try to finish off any players with low HP.
1:2,7 1:2,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Cat Bomber.png Cat Bomber Some cats believe it is honorable to die fighting, even in a suicide attack. It'll aim for the strongest player.
1:2,8 1:2,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Cat Ninja.png Cat Ninja These very evasive cats will coordinate their efforts to poison and assassinate the weakest player.
X 1:2,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Skeleton Cat.png Skeleton Cat* This bona fide feline can raise its accuracy, which makes it effective at fighting other, still living, cats.
1:2,9 1:2,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Green Bush.png Green Bush It's just a regular bush. There's nothing interesting to say about it, really. It might sometimes scream at you.
1:2,10 1:3,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Bush.png Red Bush A bush that's angry about growing older. It's slightly more aggressive than the green variety.
1:3,1 1:3,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Muddy Bush.png Muddy Bush You probably step on these guys all the time and don't even realize it. They live in the mud. What a sad existence.
1:3,2 1:3,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Sandy Bush.png Sandy Bush A bush that's settled down in the desert. It sometimes yearns for its childhood, spent tumbling along.
1:3,3 1:3,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Dark Bush.png Dark Bush I'm not sure if this thing is still technically a bush. It looks almost like a creature. It's got sharp claws too.
1:3,4 1:3,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Putrid Worm.png Putrid Worm A pathetically weak enemy that nevertheless has a painful poisonous sting. Worms also attract more worms.
1:3,5 1:3,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Fuzzy Worm.png Fuzzy Worm A worm that attacks with a powerful neurotoxin, which causes severe confusion. Don't let it sting you!
1:3,6 1:3,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Scaly Worm.png Scaly Worm Is this some sort of baby dragon? It's got a crippling sting, but chances are you can dodge it most of the time.
1:3,7 1:3,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Cutie Worm.png Cutie Worm A worm that can heal allies and attract other types of worms. It poses no danger to humans at all.
X 1:3,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Book Worm.png Book Worm* This worm's superior intellect allows it to recite any book it's ever eaten. But only in worm language.
1:3,8 1:3,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Blood Bat.png Blood Bat A rabid cave bat. It drains HP when it bites, and can also spread deadly viruses.
1:3,9 1:4,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Snow Bat.png Snow Bat A blind bat that lives in cold caves. It uses ice and wind attacks.
1:3,10 1:4,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Bone Bat.png Bone Bat This bat collects the bones of its victims as trophies. It can command foes to attack a specific target.
1:4,1 1:4,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Electric Bat.png Electric Bat Is this thing a bat or a fairy? It uses nothing but thunder attacks, and is completely helpless while syphoned.
1:4,2 1:4,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Rescue Dog.png Rescue Dog A dog that just wants to protect its allies. It'll heal itself at low health, and try to de-escalate the violence with buffs.
1:4,3 1:4,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Tanuki Dog.png Tanuki Dog This dog is an alcoholic! It'll hold a grudge against the player who hit it last, but it will try to leave burnt players alone.
1:4,4 1:4,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Wolf Dog.png Wolf Dog A dog that hunts in packs and buffs up its allies' attack power. It'll attack whoever hurt it last, and avoids attacking frozen players.
1:4,5 1:4,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Zap Dog.png Zap Dog A dog that strikes like thunder. It'll remember the last person who hit it, and it won't think kindly of them.
1:4,6 1:4,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Mage Dog.png Mage Dog A powerful spellcaster. It's good at targeting its dark and holy magic where it hurts the most, and can also heal allies.
1:4,7 1:4,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Brown Bear.png Brown Bear A cute little bear. If you hit him too hard, he'll go berserk and become much more dangerous. He attacks whoever hit him last.
X 1:4,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Black Bear.png Black Bear* It's a bear. If you want to live, you know what NOT to do.
1:4,8 1:5,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Grolar Bear.png Grolar Bear A bear that attacks with huge chunks of ice. He's quite tame until provoked, and holds a grudge against whoever hit him last.
1:4,9 1:5,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Panda Bear.png Panda Bear The laziest of all bears. It won't even bother to attack you unless you give it a reason to.
1:4,10 1:5,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Camel Mammoth.png Camel Mammoth Apparently mammoths and camels are compatible! It uses powerful earth and water attacks.
1:5,1 1:5,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Wooly Mammoth.png Wooly Mammoth A mighty beast that's been hunted to near-extinction. It wants to live, and may not die when killed. (Unless tired or weak!)
1:5,2 1:5,5 EBF5 Foe Icon War Mammoth.png War Mammoth A mammoth that has been equipped for battle. It's basically a tank now, so watch out for bomb and earth attacks.
1:5,3 1:5,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Wooden Idol.png Wooden Idol An energetic little guy made from firewood. It wishes to be tall, like a real tree. But that is not to be.
1:5,4 1:5,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Gem Idol.png Gem Idol Each of these little guys is controlled by a rare gemstone. The magic they use depends on the color of this gem, which is random.
1:5,5 1:5,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Metal Idol.png Metal Idol It's a pile of living scrap metal. It's not very dangerous, but it can disable a player's attacks.
1:5,6 1:5,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Stone Idol.png Stone Idol A jumpy little golem. It's not very smart, but it still uses its head to solve problems.
1:5,7 1:5,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Stumpy Gloop.png Stumpy Gloop A shadowy creature that has hollowed-out and possessed an innocent tree. It uses a mix of dark and earth attacks.
1:5,8 2:1,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Roasted Gloop.png Roasted Gloop This gloop has given new life to a dead tree. It uses dark and fire attacks, and is good at drying players with its heat ray.
X 2:1,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Fabulous Gloop.png Fabulous Gloop* This glittery Gloop enjoys using as many colorful spells as possible, but would rather avoid fighting.
1:5,9 2:1,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Hardy Gloop.png Hardy Gloop A defensive foe that can enchant itself, making it immune to physical attacks. It uses mostly ice attacks.
1:5,10 2:1,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Chunky Gloop.png Chunky Gloop A mysterious creature that lives secretly among the rocks. It uses earth attacks, naturally.
2:1,1 2:1,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Fire Sprite.png Fire Sprite A cute creature that likes to burn things, including other foes. It might also lower your accuracy.
2:1,2 2:1,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Ice Sprite.png Ice Sprite A fairy-like creature that embodies the essence of ice. It's not very strong, but can freeze enemies and allies alike.
2:1,3 2:1,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Rock Sprite.png Rock Sprite This little guy can trigger earthquakes, which can stagger anyone on the field. This may or may not be useful to you.
2:1,4 2:1,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Thunder Sprite.png Thunder Sprite A living battery pack, basically. Take these guys out quickly if they charge up and you don't have stun resistance!
2:1,5 2:1,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Wind Sprite.png Wind Sprite It looks like a tiny old lady. It can't deal much damage, but it can inflict confuse and dispel statuses.
2:1,6 2:1,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Leafy Chomper.png Leafy Chomper This plant likes to chomp humans and steal their HP. Get ready for poison, as most of its attacks are very poisonous.
2:1,7 2:2,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Magma Chomper.png Magma Chomper It looks like it should be weak against water, but it's still a plant, and plants love water. It can drain your HP too.
2:1,8 2:2,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Seaweed Chomper.png Seaweed Chomper It's a man-eating seaweed. This clever foe will summon rain, and when everyone is wet it'll zap them.
2:1,9 2:2,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Mutant Chomper.png Mutant Chomper It looks like a plant from a different world. It'll attack with burning acid and spread viral infections.
2:1,10 2:2,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Pink Squid.png Pink Squid It's the mammoth of the sea! It mostly uses water spells, but it's got an ice spell too. A strong hit will disarm it.
2:2,1 2:2,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Purple Squid.png Purple Squid The bright colors of this squid are a warning sign: It's full of potent poison and other nasty status effects.
2:2,2 2:2,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Lime Squid.png Lime Squid This squid packs a punch, but a strong hit will break its arms off. It has a big range of skills overall.
2:2,3 2:2,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Thorny Creep.png Thorny Creep A defensive crab-like foe. It stores a powerful electric charge in its shell, giving it a stunning sting.
2:2,4 2:2,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Icicle Creep.png Icicle Creep Beautiful creatures such as this are threatened by global warming. Try not to get stabbed with an icicle!
2:2,5 2:2,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Hermit Creep.png Hermit Creep It's not very social. It carries its home with it, so it can quickly retreat. It's also got a lot of water attacks.
2:2,6 2:2,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Green Creep.png Green Creep A turtle-like creature that bashes into enemies and allies with its shell. It goes on the defensive when its HP is low.
2:2,7 2:3,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Creep.png Red Creep A red shell never misses, and it hits with bone-crushing force too. Yet the impact somehow heals other foes instead of hurting them.
2:2,8 2:3,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Creep.png Blue Creep A blue shell is the last thing you want to see while driving. If this guy can't win a fight, he'll just detonate himself.
2:2,9 2:3,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Steam Fish.png Steam Fish An evasive steampunk drone. It attacks with wind skills, and it'll fire off one final explosive attack when killed.
2:2,10 2:3,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Jet Fish.png Jet Fish A dumb drone that just shoots at anything that looks alive. Its got bomb and thunder attacks... But why is it a fish?
2:3,1 2:3,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Gold Fish.png Gold Fish A flying robot which is great at jousting. It's engines burn hot, giving its attacks a slight fire effect.
2:3,2 2:3,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Flybot.png Red Flybot A bulky maintenance robot. It uses non-elemental attacks and carries out a mix of utility functions, like reversing buffs.
2:3,3 2:3,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Yellow Flybot.png Yellow Flybot A defensive robot that will sabotage your plan. It can stun players and buff allies, but is very limited when syphoned.
2:3,4 2:3,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Flybot.png Blue Flybot A robot which combines water, wind, and ice attacks, and exploits the elemental weaknesses of players.
2:3,5 2:3,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Defender Mk III.png Defender Mk III The latest version in this line of killing machines. It uses very powerful thunder and bomb attacks. Resistance is key!
2:3,6 2:3,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Bubbler MX-01.png Bubbler MX-01 A great bargain! It's a fridge by day, and a security bot by night. It uses powerful ice, water, wind and bomb attacks.
X 2:4,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Prototype 9X.png Prototype 9X* This prototype Defender has a powerful wave weapon: It always scores critical hits, and is slightly dark-elemental.
2:3,7 2:4,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Flame Wraith.png Flame Wraith A ghost that loves to burn things. It'll go after players who are weak against fire, so hide them somewhere safe.
2:3,8 2:4,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Frost Wraith.png Frost Wraith A ghost that wanders through blizzards. It likes to specifically target players who are weak against ice, so dress warmly!
2:3,9 2:4,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Leaf Wraith.png Leaf Wraith A ghost that spreads seeds and bad deeds. It likes to harass players who are not resistant to bio attacks.
2:3,10 2:4,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Steel Wraith.png Steel Wraith A ghost which was once a powerful warrior. It seeks challenges, and will generally attack the healthiest-looking player.
X 2:4,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Origami Wraith.png Origami Wraith* This foe's weapon of choice is... paper? I guess paper can't be blocked with elemental resistance, at least.
2:4,1 2:4,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Master Wraith.png Master Wraith A ghost which has mastered the skills of the lesser wraiths. It can use a variety of elemental spells, and avoids hitting resistant players.
2:4,2 2:4,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Haunted Mirror.png Haunted Mirror Mirrors reflect things! This one reflects any magic damage it takes, so don't give what you can't take back.
2:4,3 2:4,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Wise Mirror.png Wise Mirror An old oak mirror. It reflects all types of damage, unless you smash it. (Smashing mirrors gives you bad luck, by the way.)
2:4,4 2:4,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Demon Mirror.png Demon Mirror A mirror used for summoning demons into this world. It'll reflect any physical damage it takes.
2:4,5 2:5,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Angel Mirror.png Angel Mirror This mirror will reflect all types of damage, and uses quite a variety of attacks. It's best to just smash it in one hit!
2:4,6 2:5,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Zombie Hand.png Zombie Hand Always remember to double-tap, or this might happen. Sometimes they may carry a deadly and infectious virus!
2:4,7 2:5,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Magma Hand.png Magma Hand A burning hand which loves to go berserk. It can hold different weapons, which give it different attack effects.
2:4,8 2:5,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Skeleton Hand.png Skeleton Hand Is it a disembodied hand? Or is there more to it underground? It can change the weapon it holds, and use some evil magic.
2:4,9 2:5,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Burned Fallen.png Burned Fallen The hi-tech armor of a clever engineer. It uses mostly fire attacks and time magic, and it can tell which players burn well.
2:4,10 2:5,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Lost Fallen.png Lost Fallen The cosy armor of a viking explorer. It uses ice and wind attacks, and knows not to attack players who are resistant to these.
2:5,1 2:5,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Crucified Fallen.png Crucified Fallen The shiny armor of a holy knight. It uses a mix of interesting magic and physical attacks. Watch out if you become enchanted!
2:5,2 2:5,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Drowned Fallen.png Drowned Fallen The haunted armor of a battle mage. It attacks with wind spells, but will also use water spells if wind is not effective.
2:5,3 2:5,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Beheaded Fallen.png Beheaded Fallen The cursed armor of an outlaw. It hits hard but with low accuracy. It can use dark, fire, or earth attacks, depending on what works best.
2:5,4 2:5,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Matt Doll.png Matt Doll It's a voodoo doll, so hitting it means hurting Matt as well! It also likes to use buff skills.
2:5,5 3:1,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Natalie Doll.png Natalie Doll This doll can use many of the spells that Natalie can use. It's a bit ugly, but beating it up will make the real Natalie suffer.
2:5,6 3:1,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Lance Doll.png Lance Doll Here's your chance to beat up a fascist! Hit the doll and Lance will take damage too! (But watch out for when he charges up an attack...)
2:5,7 3:1,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Anna Doll.png Anna Doll Here's a doll that can use all of the elemental arrows and status effects that the real Anna can! Go easy on her, or Anna will die.
2:5,8 3:1,4 EBF5 Foe Icon NoLegs Doll.png NoLegs Doll This doll is an improvement, it's got legs! Maybe you should take this thing with you instead of NoLegs? Hit it to kill him!
2:5,9 3:1,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Zircon Ore.png Zircon Ore A tiny chunk of magical stone. It'll sacrifice its life to use an ice or a barrier spell. It has nothing else to live for.
2:5,10 3:1,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Sapphire Ore.png Sapphire Ore The color of the deep blue sea. This gemstone is just dying to use a final water spell.
3:1,1 3:1,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Peridot Ore.png Peridot Ore This gem hungers for the sweet release of death. But it doesn't want to go alone, it'll use a bio attack on the way out.
3:1,2 3:1,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Quartz Ore.png Quartz Ore This mineral ore contains a holy power. It'll either cast a healing spell or a holy one. (This kills the ore!)
3:1,3 3:1,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Amethyst Ore.png Amethyst Ore This little purple gem will use up its life to cast either a wind or a bomb spell. What a sad existance!
3:1,4 3:1,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Topaz Ore.png Topaz Ore A rock full of electrical energy. It'll either use a thunder attack or a protective spell. Either way, it'll die.
3:1,5 3:2,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Ruby Ore.png Ruby Ore A magical ruby ore. It'll self destruct in a fiery explosion as soon as it has the chance. Keep it away from yourself.
3:1,6 3:2,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Sandstone Boulder.png Sandstone Boulder A little golem that pops out from sand dunes, sometimes too enthusiastically. He likes to throw his weight around.
3:1,7 3:2,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Dirt Boulder.png Dirt Boulder He's lighter and faster than his boulder brothers, but also a bit weaker. He'll throw dirt at you to exhaust your stamina.
3:1,8 3:2,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Coral Boulder.png Coral Boulder A small golem which attacks with a magical orb, and tries to lower your defences. He hits hard for his size, but lacks intelligence and accuracy.
3:1,9 3:2,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Marble Boulder.png Marble Boulder In his glory days he held up a huge temple. His magic attacks are, surprisingly, wind elemental. He's also got high magic defence.
3:1,10 3:2,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Obsidian Boulder.png Obsidian Boulder An avid D&D player. He attacks with a d20 sometimes, which leads to very random fire damage. Let's hope he doesn't score a natural 20.
X 3:2,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Bone Golem.png Bone Golem* While it does have some earth and wind spells, this golem's attacks are mostly non-elemental and physical.
3:2,1 3:2,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Pearl Golem.png Pearl Golem It's made from the scum of the sea. If you're wet, watch out for its chilling breath! (Wet + Chill = Freeze!)
3:2,2 3:2,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Amethyst Golem.png Amethyst Golem A mighty golem which uses wind attacks and debilitating status effects. The syphon or bless status effects might be useful now.
3:2,3 3:2,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Topaz Golem.png Topaz Golem Two elemental golems fused into one over millions of years. It uses powerful thunder and fire attacks.
3:2,4 3:3,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Ancient Monolith.png Ancient Monolith It's just a rock, but it uses incredibly powerful thunder attacks. Get ready to defend if you see it charging up!
3:2,5 3:3,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Viking Monolith.png Viking Monolith A rock that's been here for a very long time. It uses wind, water and ice magic. Watch out for its chilling wind beam!
3:2,6 3:3,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Cosmic Monolith.png Cosmic Monolith An alien machine from deep space. There's crazy amounts of dark energy stored in this thing! Dark resistance is critical!
3:2,7 3:3,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Earth Dragon.png Earth Dragon An ancient and legendary beast. It uses powerful earth, fire, and bio attacks. Dry players will go down fast!
3:2,8 3:3,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Sky Dragon.png Sky Dragon The master of the skies. It uses powerful wind attacks, and it can also use thunder and ice magic if wind is not effective.
3:2,9 3:3,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Sea Dragon.png Sea Dragon An overgrown seahorse? It uses powerful water and earth attacks. If the party is wet, it may cleverly use ice and thunder attacks too.
3:2,10 3:3,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Omega Dragon.png Omega Dragon The mighty king of dragons. It specializes in fire and holy magic, but can cast magic of almost every element. Resistance is futile!
X 3:3,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Origami Dragon.png Origami Dragon* The rest of the dragon seems to be missing. It probably does dragon-type things, like breathe fire and roar.
3:3,1 3:3,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Blaze Hydra.png Blaze Hydra Each head can replace the other heads, so you want to take them all down together. Fire resistance greatly helps too.
3:3,2 3:3,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Zombie Hydra.png Zombie Hydra If you chop off a head, its evade will increase. If you kill a head, the remaining heads will replace it.
X 3:4,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Crystal Hydra.png Crystal Hydra No information exists about this monster. Presumably no one has ever seen it and lived to talk about it.
3:3,3 3:4,2 EBF5 Foe Icon NoLegs.png NoLegs This cat's soul burns with passion. His intense fighting spirit resonates with yours. He's also got really high evade.
3:3,4 3:4,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Natalie.png Natalie Woah, it's a cute girl! Let's try not to do anything stupid to upset her. She already looks quite mad.
3:3,5 3:4,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Anna.png Anna Why are you wasting a turn to read this?! She's seriously intent on beating you up. Get back to it!
3:3,6 3:4,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Lance.png Lance This guy is clearly a villain, just look at him! I think you can go all out on him without feeling bad about it.
3:3,7 3:4,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Chibi Knight.png Chibi Knight This little hero is on a quest to save the world. If you get in her way, you'll be sorry!
3:3,8 3:4,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Super Chibi Knight.png Super Chibi Knight Chibi Knight leveled up and learned some magic. She gets two turns in a row this time, and knows what elements are effective!
3:3,9 3:4,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Ultra Chibi Knight.png Ultra Chibi Knight Looks like she found all of the best equips. She can enchant her sword with different elements, and will use this to the fullest.
3:3,10 3:4,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Jotun.png Jotun This guy's a serious heavyweight. He punches with earth-shaking force, and he'll use bomb attacks when he's hurt.
X 3:4,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Skadi.png Skadi Whichever sister is left standing last will get double the turns, so pick your favourite with care.
X 3:5,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Sól.png Sól The cyclops sisters are an unusual duo. Their attacks don't complement eachother very well, but they're still super tough!
3:4,1 3:5,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Neon Valkyrie.png Neon Valkyrie Lance's main battle tank. It hits hard with bomb and non-elemental attacks, and it can change its turret attachment.
3:4,2 3:5,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Harpoon Turret.png Harpoon Turret This huge harpoon deals non-elemental damage to players, and can also pull a player out of backup against their will.
3:4,3 3:5,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Cannon Turret.png Cannon Turret This turret obviously spams bomb attacks, but it can also use some disruptive spells. It's stronger when attached to a tank.
3:4,4 3:5,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Laser Turret.png Laser Turret An accurate turret which spams electric lasers and may stun players. It can also microwave targets to dry or weaken them.
3:4,5 3:5,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Nuclear Bomb.png Nuclear Bomb It does exactly what you would expect. Once the timer reaches zero, it'll wipe out your party with a fiery explosion.
X 3:5,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Neon Valhalla.png Neon Valhalla A huge mechanical fortress which constantly heals itself. The only way to beat it is to deal huge amounts of damage - and fast!
X 3:5,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Giga Harpoon.png Giga Harpoon A stronger version of the Harpoon Turret. It'll pull players out of backup, and does more damage when attached to a tank.
X 3:5,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Acid Bomb.png Acid Bomb This bomb will deal massive bio damage, and causes severe burns to anyone who survives the blast.
X 3:5,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Earthquake Bomb.png Earthquake Bomb This bomb will detonate deep underground and trigger an earthquake, staggering players and causing massive earth damage.
X 4:1,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Shockwave Bomb.png Shockwave Bomb This bomb will dispel everyone and deal massive wind damage. It's gotta be destroyed or else there is no hope.
3:4,6 4:1,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Laurelin.png Laurelin A huge tree-house which attacks with earth, holy and bio skills. It attacks twice per turn, because it's full of cats.
X 4:1,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Telperion.png Telperion The hidden hideout of the ninja cat gang. It attacks with powerful bio, dark, and bomb skills, and gets two turns.
3:4,7 4:1,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Poseidon.png Poseidon The god of the seas. He uses powerful water, ice, and holy magic, as well as summoning many little helper ores.
X 4:1,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Vulcan.png Vulcan The god of volcanoes. He uses powerful fire and bomb magic, with some wind and earth attacks in there too.
X 4:1,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Matteus.png Matteus An evil golem which spreads a terrible curse. Most of his attacks are physical, and many are non-elemental.
X 4:1,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Natalia.png Natalia This powerful priestess brings swift death to all undead creatures. Magic attacks are not very effective against her.
X 4:1,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Lancelot.png Lancelot A terrifying robot with high defence. He will use either fire or thunder spells - whichever element is the most effective.
X 4:1,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Annabelle.png Annabelle A foul demonic beast from the underworld. She uses dark and wind attacks, and her arrows are very poisonous.
X 4:1,10 EBF5 Foe Icon God.png God This is the ultimate being! His stats are incredible, the highest in the universe! There's no way to beat him! Believe it!
3:5,5 4:2,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Cosmic Gigalith.png Cosmic Gigalith The central control unit of all Cosmic Monoliths. It reshapes space-time to create pathways between different universes.
3:5,6 4:2,2 EBF5 Foe Icon The Devourer.png The Devourer An entity from a different universe, brought here by Cosmic Monoliths.
3:5,7 4:2,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Evil Eye.png Evil Eye The Devourer's eyes will defend the main body and cripple players with debuffs and status effects.
3:5,8 4:2,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Slimy Tentacle.png Slimy Tentacle The Devourer's spell-casting arm. It uses other-worldly magic and sprays poisonous acid when wounded.
3:5,9 4:2,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Spikey Tentacle.png Spikey Tentacle The Devourer's bone-crushing arm. You can probably guess that it smacks you really hard with physical attacks.
X 4:2,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Furry Slime.png Furry Slime* Furry Slimes are the weakest of weak foes. They are completely useless, but somewhat cute.
X 4:2,7 EBF5 Foe Icon King Slime.png King Slime* This massive slime is armed with bomb and healing magic. A mysterious, poorly-drawn cat sits upon it.
X 4:2,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Haunted Tree.png Haunted Tree* Try not to inhale the poisonous and stunning spores that Haunted Trees throw in your direction.
X 4:2,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Eyeball.png Eyeball* Eyeballs use non-elemental laser magic, and don't do much else. They've been around since the dawn of time.
X 4:2,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Beholder.png Beholder* Behold, the ultimate predator. It does not discriminate: it assaults men, women and children alike.
X 4:3,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Rock Eater.png Rock Eater* These ancient beasts lived long before the burn effect existed, so their fiery breath will simply debuff your stats.
X 4:3,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Glacier Eater.png Glacier Eater* These massive turtles can freeze prey with their icy breath. When threatened, they can buff their defences.
X 4:3,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Giga Golem.png Giga Golem* Ice and fire golems fused together to create this Giga Golem. It will change its elemental properties every few turns.
X 4:3,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Bee.png Red Bee* This annoying foe is good at dodging attacks, and debuffing your stats. It may also call other bees for assistance.
X 4:3,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Spikey Moth.png Spikey Moth* This moth is similar to the Red Bee, but less evasive, and a bit stronger overall. It can also call for backup.
X 4:3,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Sandworm.png Sandworm* The more hurt it is, the more poisonous vomit it will hurl. It can also inflict a variety of powerful debuffs.
X 4:3,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Sandworm's Tail.png Sandworm's Tail* The Sandworm's Tail can only use simple physical attacks, but be careful not to get stunned!
X 4:3,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Gunslinger.png Gunslinger* This shady character can snipe targets and deliver instant death. They have a variety of guns at their disposal.
X 4:3,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Swordslinger.png Swordslinger* They specialize in non-elemental stabby attacks. Fedora warriors would be jealous of their sword collection.
X 4:3,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Jack.png Jack* This robot boss attacks with fire and bomb moves. It is well camouflaged in its natural habitat - the pumpkin farm.
X 4:4,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Clay.png Red Clay* A basic soldier made from clay. It uses earth and fire elemental attacks.
X 4:4,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Clay.png Blue Clay* Another type of clay soldier. It uses wind elemental attacks.
X 4:4,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Dark Clay.png Dark Clay* An elite clay soldier which uses earth and dark elemental attacks.
X 4:4,4 EBF5 Foe Icon Light Clay.png Light Clay* The most important unit in any party: The one who heals and buffs everyone!
X 4:4,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Protector.png Protector* A prehistoric machine from the ruins of the Kitten Kingdom. It attacks with powerful non-elemental and thunder beams.
X 4:4,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Florn.png Florn* This smelly red flower uses bio attacks, and will self destruct when its HP is low.
X 4:4,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Frose.png Frose* This blue flower summons rainclouds, which make it easier to freeze any unwanted visitors.
X 4:4,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Stunflower.png Stunflower* Touching a yellow flower may leave you stunned and electrocuted. It can also store energy for a powerful attack.
X 4:4,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Heasy.png Heasy* This white flower uses earth and healing magic - it's best to snip these ones first.
X 4:4,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Rafflesia.png Rafflesia* A massive flower that smells like rotting flesh. It uses a variety of bio attacks, and can heal itself.
X 4:5,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Blue Crystal.png Blue Crystal* A crystal made from pure coldness. It obviously uses ice attacks, and can also buff its allies.
X 4:5,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Crystal.png Red Crystal* A crystal made from pure hotness. Unsurprisingly, it uses fire attacks, and can make players go berserk
X 4:5,3 EBF5 Foe Icon Praetorian.png Praetorian* An agile combat machine, created with the latest in cutting-edge technology. It uses bomb, thunder and fire attacks.
X 4:5,4 EBF5 Foe Icon GunKat-800XL.png GunKat-800XL* This nightmarish creation was never mass produced due to poor customer satisfaction. It uses many bomb attacks.
X 4:5,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Papalotl.png Papalotl* A fierce warrior which attacks with non-elemental physical attacks. He uses stronger buffs as his HP decreases.
X 4:5,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Xolotl.png Xolotl* This shaman prays to the pencil gods. He uses both physical and magical attacks, some of which are dark-elemental.
X 4:5,7 EBF5 Foe Icon Glaurung.png Glaurung* The father of dragons. This giant worm uses earth, wind and poison attacks, and his breath will strip away any buffs.
3:4,8 4:5,8 EBF5 Foe Icon Green Pixel.png Green Pixel Huh? I think this is just a normal slime. There's nothing interesting to say about it, really.
3:4,9 4:5,9 EBF5 Foe Icon Dead Pixel.png Dead Pixel This foe is shrouded in mystery! There's something a little strange about it, isn't there?
3:4,10 4:5,10 EBF5 Foe Icon Red Pixel.png Red Pixel Oh, it's another type of bush. It probably uses bio attacks, and is just as weak as the others.
3:5,1 5:1,1 EBF5 Foe Icon Gray Pixel.png Gray Pixel This thing looks pretty weak - and it's barely got any HP! You can probably kill it in one hit, right?
3:5,2 5:1,2 EBF5 Foe Icon Snowflake.png Snowflake This foe is not from this universe, so there's no telling what he might do. But he doesn't look very strong...
3:5,3 5:2,5 EBF5 Foe Icon Glitch 2.png ?0x00??FF45 (Glitch) {(?You do n?t have a??ess to s??- this. ER?OR: 0x004040)}
3:5,4 5:2,6 EBF5 Foe Icon Glitch.png ??.@'¬?]-?e??255 (Glitch Boss) ???-?e??255?.?]? ERROR? @'¬????v.?fa-- -0)?? sd d`¬45¬????`/v??.??c INVALID WORLD`//: >> DELETING...}