The following table lists all the items available to the player in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.

The player can either buy these items from the Shops in the game, or obtain them as drops after defeating enemy waves (see Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Foe Waves for drop chances).

The players get access to a shop in each checkpoint, they'll have 4500 gold plus anything won from the preceding Minigame to spend; before the EBF Collection update, money wasn't carried over between shops.

The Chemist and Chemist x2 Skill Bonuses will increase the healing and damage of all items, as well as the buffs from the Attack and Magic Potion. They have no effect on Antidotes, the buff and status variants of the Mystery Potion, or items used by Cat Tamer and Cat Warrior.

Image Name Description Notes Price
Item Potion Potion Heals around 5000 HP. Heals 5000 HP with 5% RdF. 150
Item Max Potion Max Potion Heals around 10000 HP. Heals 9999 HP with 5% RdF. 350
Item Ether Ether Restores around 500 MP. Heals 500 MP with 5% RdF*. 1000
Item Max Ether Max Ether Restores around 1000 MP. Heals 999 MP with 5% RdF*. 2200
Antidote Antidote Heals Poison , Blind, Stun and Seal effects. 50
Water of Life Water of Life Revives dead Party members. Fully heals living ones. Revives with 4000 HP with 10% RdF. Heals for 10000 HP with 5% RdF. 1000
Magic Potion Magic Potion Boosts Magic Power by 50%. Before the EBF Collection update, instead set Matk buff to 50%. 150
Attack Potion Attack Potion Boosts Attack by 50%. Before the EBF Collection update, instead set Atk buff to 50%. 150
Item Mist Potion EBF2 Mist Potion Heals around 5000 HP to both players Heals 5000 HP with 5% RdF. 400
Item Mystery Potion EBF2 Mystery Potion Random effects. 5 possible effects: HP heal, MP heal, Atk+Matk buff, Auto-Revive+Regen or deal damage to target. N/A
Item Shuriken Shuriken Inflicts massive Physical Damage. Deals physical, Wind-elemental damage, and can Poison. 300
Item Stunner Stunner Very high chance of stunning the foe. Deals damage affected by target's Magic Defence and Thunder resist. 300
Item Hand Bomb EBF2 Bomb Inflicts massive Magic Damage to a foe. Deals damage affected by target's Magic Defence and Bomb resist. 500

* Until EBF3, randomization of MP healing affects only the pop-up number and not the actual MP heal.

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