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The following page lists all Skills available at the player's disposal in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. Icons shown here are from Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4, added for illustrative purposes.

It's worth noting the Power values in-game are shown as actual Power/100. Before the EBF Collection update, a lot of them were also incorrect (e.g. Windslash was shown with 40 power instead of 33).


Icon Name Description MP
EBF3 Skill Revenge.png
Revenge Gains power as P1's HP decreases, and if P2 is dead. 30
EBF3 Skill Drain.png
Drain Drains HP from the target. Is most effective with the Blood Blade. 30
EBF3 Skill Wind Slash.png
Windslash Targets all foes. Is most effective with the Swift Brand. 40
EBF3 Skill Quake.png
Quake Earth based attack. Is most effective with the Stone Edge. 40
EBF3 Skill Iceberg.png
IceBerg Ice based attack. Is most effective with the Blizzard. 50
EBF3 Skill Eruption.png
Eruption Fire based attack. Is most effective with the Inferno. 50
EBF3 Skill Unleash (Matt).png
Unleash Draws out the hidden power of your sword for various effects. 60
EBF3 Skill Seiken.png
Seiken Holy based attack. Is most effective with the Heaven's Gate. 70
EBF3 Skill Legend.png
Legend Powerful multi-strike attack. 90
EBF3 Skill NoLegs.png
NoLegs NoLegs the cat brings random support items and uses them on a random player. 5
EBF3 Skill Temper.png
Temper Boosts Attack by 50%. 15
EBF3 Skill Protect.png
Protect Boosts party Defence by 50%. 25
EBF3 Skill Airstrike.png
Air Strike Hits one foe with a large bomb, or all with small bombs. Ignores Accuracy and Magic Attack buffs. 50
EBF3 Skill Screamer.png
Screamer Targets all foes and lowers their magic defence. Most effective with Anarchy equipped. 75
EBF3 Skill Power Metal.png
Power Metal Targets all foes and also heals the party. More effective with Razorback equipped. 100


Icon Name Description MP
White Magic
EBF3 Skill Purify.png
Purify Heals Poison, Stun, Blind and Seal. Targets both players. 10
EBF3 Skill Heal.png
Heal Heals one player. 20
EBF3 Skill Barrier.png
Barrier Boosts the party's Magic Defence by 60%. 30
EBF3 Skill Flare.png
Flare Blinds all foes, making them flail aimlessly. 50
EBF3 Skill Healmore.png
HealMore Heals both players. 70
EBF3 Skill Revive.png
Revive Revives fallen players. Puts living players into Autolife status. 90
EBF3 Skill Judgement.png
Judgement May debuff the foe and also heals the user. 100
Black Magic
EBF3 Skill Lucky Star.png
Lucky Star Unreliable, low-cost magic. 20
EBF3 Skill Fireball.png
Fireball Basic Fire magic. May lower foe's magic defence. 40
EBF3 Skill Iceshard.png
Glacier Basic Ice magic. 40
EBF3 Skill Thunderbolt.png
Thunderbolt Basic Thunder magic. May stun foes. 40
EBF3 Skill Toxic.png
Toxic Basic Poison magic. Poisons the foe. 40
EBF3 Skill Syphon.png
Syphon Targets all foes. Seals their magic and special abilities. 60
EBF3 Skill Pulsar.png
Pulsar Targets all foes. Inflicts massive damage. 100
Summon Scanbot.png
Scanbot Scans a foe and returns info on their weaknesses, HP and other stats. (also unlocks its Bestiary entry) 30
EBF3 Skill Regen.png
Slime Bunny Gives the party regen status, which slowly regenerates HP for a few turns. 50
Summon Beholder.png
Beholder Hits all foes and lowers their defence. Also has a hidden move... 70
EBF3 Skill Meow Meow.png
Meow Meow NCH's pet cat. Attacks all foes for massive Physical damage. Sometimes does double damage and hurts party. 100
EBF3 Skill Ion.png
Ion Hits all foes for extreme non-elemental magic damage. Damages the party too. 200