The following page lists all Skills available at the player's disposal in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.

Name Description
Revenge Gains strength as the users HP decreases.
Drain Drains HP from the target. Is most effective with the Blood Blade.
Windslash Targets all foes. Is most effective with the Swift Brand.
Quake Earth based attack. Is most effective with the Stone Edge.
IceBerg Ice based attack. Is most effective with the Blizzard.
Eruption Fire based attack. Is most effective with the Inferno.
Unleash Draws out the hidden power of your sword for various effects.
Seiken Holy based attack. Is most effective with the Heaven's Gate.
Legend Powerful multi-strike attack.
NoLegs NoLegs the cat brings random support items and uses them on a random player.
Temper Boosts Attack by 50%.
Protect Boosts party Defence by 50%.[incorrect — actually boosts to +65%]
Air Strike Strikes either one foe with a large bomb, or all foes with several small ones.
Screamer Targets all foes and lowers their magic defence. Most effective with Anarchy equipped.[incorrect — Anarchy has no impact]
Power Metal Targets all foes and also heals the party. More effective with Razorback equipped.


Name Description
White Magic
Purify Heals Poison, Stun, Blind and Seal. Targets both players.
Heal Heals one player.
Barrier Boosts the party's Magic Defence by 60%.[incorrect — actually boosts to +65%]
Flare Blinds all foes, making them flail aimlessly.
HealMore Heals both players.
Revive Revives fallen players. Puts living players into Autolife status.
Judgement May debuff the foe and also heals the user.
Black Magic
Lucky Star Unreliable, low-cost magic.
Fireball Basic Fire magic. May lower foe's magic defence.
Glacier Basic Ice magic.
Thunderbolt Basic Thunder magic. May stun foes.
Toxic Basic Poison magic. Poisons the foe.
Syphon Targets all foes. Seals their magic and special abilities.
Pulsar Targets all foes. Inflicts massive damage.
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