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This article is about the EBF4 location, for the similarly named EBF5 location, see Forgotten Ruins.

The Lost Ruins is an optional sub-location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They are the remains of a cat civilization hidden within the depths of Lankyroot Jungle. They are nearly impossible to find amid the nearly-endless jungle now growing around them — players will need a special hint in order to reach them.

How to Find the Lost Ruins

NPC locations

To find the Lost Ruins, you will need the Blue Scroll key item, obtained from a chain of quests in Goldenbrick Resort. The chain starts from Jan, found one screen above Goldenbrick Resort's Slime Cat: you give him Old Boots and receive The Shovel, which is to be given to Clegg (a pirate at the entrance of the town) for Spiked Boots. In turn, the Spiked Boots are to be given to Saito (a guy in gray armor in the equipment shop) together with 1 Titanium and 10 Steel Plates, receiving the Blue Scroll and ending the chain.

Once the Blue Scroll is in your possession, head for the northwest corner of Lankyroot Jungle (top-left corner of the world map), near the western entrance of the Lava Cave. You'll find yourself in a largely empty patch of jungle, marked only by a sign warning that the path ahead is "nothing but endless jungle". Ignore the sign and follow the directions written in Blue Scroll's description — head north (up) to emerge into an identical screen, then west (left) exit, north exit (up), and keep heading east (right) for two screens, and you should emerge in the Lost Ruins and get the "Lost Ruins" medal.

Without the Blue Scroll in your inventory, you'd simply get the same "endless jungle" screen instead, even if you know the right path from a previous playthrough or discovered it by hovering the cursor over the scroll in Hilde's quest requirements (who is found right before the repeating area).

To return to Lankyroot Jungle, head west into the "endless jungle" screen and take the south (bottom) exit. You will immediately emerge at your starting point.

Area Description

The Lost Ruins appear similar to the other ruined cat civilizations the party encounters on their journey, featuring white stone architecture resembling that of Ancient Greece and Rome. Due to its location and the passage of time, it is heavily overgrown with vegetation and flowers.

The Lost Ruins' music theme is Estavius (Piano), the same theme used for the main menu and the Warp Zone.


The Lost Ruins feature a number of Wind- and Holy-based enemies, including several foes normally found in the Temple of Godcat. All of them are at Level 29 (31 prior to the Battle Mountain update), which is significantly higher than the rest of Lankyroot Jungle; they may prove difficult for players who head for the Lost Ruins at the first opportunity.


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