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Emo0012.jpg "L-LOVE?! How are we supposed to win a fight by being lovable? Are you just joking around?"
―Matt, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
EBF5 Status Lovable.png

Lovable (as in "too pretty to harm"), often incorrectly read as Loveable, is a positive status effect introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the less reliable opposite of the Target status, and its icon are two pink hearts side by side. It effects are as follows:

  • Cancels out Target.
    • Note that on-Defend statuses are applied in order of weapon, hat, armor, and flairs from left to right. As such, if one has both equipment that grants Lovable on Defend and equipment that grants Target on Defend equipped at once, whichever goes later in the order will prevail.
  • Prevents the afflicted from being targeted by most single-target attacks. Attacks that target everyone evenly work normally.
    • Unlike Target, Lovable is typically ignored by attacks that target randomly, such as Anna's arrow barrages.
    • Spells cast by the Weather will ignore Lovable.
    • If a player is inflicted with Berserk, they will ignore Lovable on foes, on the other hand, berserked foes will still respect Lovable on players.
    • Enemy counters will be redirected if their target player has Lovable, while player counters will ignore Lovable on foes.
    • All the returning foes from previous games found in the Data Bunker simulations ignore Lovable.
  • When all players are Lovable, each foe will individually decide whether to activate their special reserved pattern (like with Syphon and Berserk), usually leading to either Surrendering or resorting to area-of-effect or buffing abilities; some require both Lovable and Syphon/Berserk in order to Surrender, or have other specific requirements.
    • Whether they decide to utilize the Lovable pattern is calculated by the capture formula, requiring a score of >55 (without taking into account the equipment+luck multiplier), checked at the beginning of every enemy turn. Simpler put, weaker foes will be affected right away unless buffed up, while stronger ones must be worn down to an extent. Unfortunately, the only way to check their current score without math is to attempt to capture a foe, which takes a turn, only works with one foe at a time and is very approximate.
      • The calculation does take into account the 10% randomization, thus, the foes' catch score actually needs to be above 61.(1) to guarantee they'll respect Lovable. On the other end, their catch score needs to be equal or below 50 to guarantee they won't respect Lovable. Anything in-between may or may not respect it depending on randomization.
      • Due to it being calculated off their catch score, enemies who cannot be captured will never respect Lovable if all players are inflicted by it.