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Mammoths are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.


Mammoths are large, elephant-like beasts covered with shaggy fur. In earlier games, they had two pairs of tusks, but EBF5 depicts them with only one pair - it also claims that they can interbreed with other species, such as camels.

Mammoths tend to live in cold and/or inhospitable places, such as Glacier Valley, a hard-to-reach part of the deserts in Hope Harbor, the Frozen Valley, and The Rapture.


Mammoths are some of the strongest foes in their respective games; the original Wooly Mammoth was even a full-fledged boss in earlier games. They mainly favor strong physical attacks with their tusks, ground stomps, and even jumping body slams, but they can also buff themselves or debuff the party with powerful trumpets. Some Mammoths even use elemental attacks, like Bomb, Earth, and Water.

In EBF5, Mammoths are capable of not dying when killed, instead getting back up with a portion of their HP restored and all of their negative status effects cleared. This can be prevented if the Mammoth is suffering from Tired or Weaken when its HP hits 0; alternatively, killing it three times will put it down for good. Even when successfully killed, a Mammoth's death has a chance to make the party Hungry; for this reason, it is recommended to capture it instead of killing it.

Mammoths are usually weak to Bio and Poison, but resistant to Wind; later games also make them vulnerable to Weaken, Tired, and Virus.


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  • As of EBF5, Mammoths could be considered the counterparts or foils of Squids, being high-tier enemies based on a boss from Epic Battle Fantasy 3. However, Mammoths are more physically-inclined while Squids favor magic attacks. Both families can also induce rare status effects upon death, with Mammoths causing Hungry and Squids inflicting Stuffed.