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Matt Roszak (also known as Kupo Games or previously as kupo707 and matt-likes-swords) is an independent web animator and game designer. He's best known as the creator of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, but he's also made other Flash games such as Brawl Royale and The Kitten Game, as well as some Flash animations, such as the Black Mages series and One More Final Battle.

Behind the Scenes

On his main website kupogames.com, before the dissolution of Adobe Flash, this was the main software that Roszak used. Most of the pre-Epic Battle Fantasy 3 games (EBF3 included) were programmed with Actionscript 2, with later projects using Actionscript 3. His prefered version is CC 2015.

Created works



  • Epic Battle Fantasy 5 (Mobile Beta)


  • Brawl Royale (Mobile)
  • Bullet Heaven 3 (Prototype)
  • Cat Cafe (Mobile V2)
  • Epic Battle Fantasy (Mobile)
  • Mecha Dress Up Game (Mobile)











  • Black Mages 4
  • Black Mages 3
  • Black Mages 2: SE
  • Black Mages 2
  • Black Mages

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  • Matt Roszak was born in 1990 in Canada and currently resides in Glasgow, United Kingdom.
  • Matt studied Computing Science at the University of Glasgow and has written a 117 page thesis on Flash game engineering in 2012.
  • Matt was inspired by his mother, who was studying animation when he was 11 years old, and started experiencing with Macromedia products like Director and Flash.
  • Matt was originally conceived as an avatar of Matt Roszak himself before diverging into his own character. At one point, Roszak said he would love to kill Matt off, but the latter was in too many of his projects to do so.
  • A picture of Matt Roszak is used for the animation of Screamer in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.
  • One inactive (possibly abandoned) project that Matt was doing back in 2013 was the spinoff Epic Battle Fantasy: TD (Tower Defense). According to Roszak, he will not resume working on it until the Mobile Port of Epic Battle Fantasy 5, the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection, and Bullet Heaven 3 are complete (as of 2020).
  • The name "Roszak" is Polish. Unsuprisingly, Matt has confirmed that his family "is mostly Polish."
  • Matt has met Phyrnna once.
  • Aside from Maxi (who died in 2016), Matt has three other dogs, one named Ethel.
  • Matt has a partner/girlfriend, Ronja Wiander, who did concept art for EBF5 and fanart for some of Roszak's other games. She also monitors the official Kupogames website and Epic Battle Fantasy Discord channel.
    • She also appears as an NPC in the food and material store at Greenwood Village.
  • The above image is dated from 2013 in Sweden.