"I'm only here to CONSUME AND DESTROY!!
And I'm all out of consumables!
―Matteus, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Matteus is a boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. He is found in the Temple of Trials, together with other Evil Players — as such, he is currently exclusive to the paid Steam release of the game.


Matteus is a clay golem that resembles Matt. His "skin" is dirty brown, his hair is a light blonde, and his eyes are black with yellow pupils. He wields the Berzerker and wears the Pirate's Hat and Hobo's Clothes.


Much like the other Evil Players, Matteus is a base and hyperbolic caricature of the corresponding player - in this case, Matt. Matteus is something of a manifestation of Matt's gluttony, possessing an insatiable hunger for anything even vaguely consumable. This includes all sorts of food, but also includes human flesh, as he makes explicitly clear throughout the battle. This hunger eclipses all other desires; while Matteus is aware that he is "cursed" and cannot leave the Temple of Trials (presumably because he is one of the trials himself), he doesn't mind this as long as his ravenous hunger can be fed.


As with other Evil Player battles, the left side will be under effect of a special unremovable status until the boss is defeated. Matteus' is EBF5 Status Stoned Stoned. As long as Matteus is alive, the players are unable to use limit breaks. There is no limit break bar and selecting the attack button will default to their normal attack. They can still gain limit breaks, but will be unable to use it. The status effect will start at a timer of 15, counting down each turn. On the turn that it reaches -1, all players will be striped of Auto-Revive, Morale, Invisible and Enchanted, and then will be dealt 10 times their maximum HP in perfectly accurate physical damage with 9999% chance of inflicting Instant Death, guaranteeing a Game Over. As opposed to most of Matt's single target attacks, most of Matteus's hit the whole party (save for those in backup).


EBF5 Foe Icon Matteus
Matteus EBF5
An evil golem which spreads a terrible curse. Most of his attacks are physical, and many are non-elemental.
Stat HP Stat Attack Stat Defence Stat Magic Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade Exp AP SP Gold Hit2HP Catch
5501 5 3.5 5 3.5 5 3.8 800 80 200 800 4 3
EBF5 Element Fire EBF5 Element Thunder EBF5 Element Ice EBF5 Element Earth EBF5 Element Bio EBF5 Element Bomb EBF5 Element Water EBF5 Element Wind EBF5 Element Holy EBF5 Element Dark
- 100% -50% 200% - -80% -80% 100% - -
EBF5 Status Burn+Scorch EBF5 Status Stun EBF5 Status Chill+Freeze EBF5 Status Poison+Virus EBF5 Status Syphon EBF5 Status Curse+Bad Luck EBF5 Status Stagger+Confuse EBF5 Status Wet+Dry EBF5 Status Heavy+Light EBF5 Status Weak+Tired EBF5 Status Dispel EBF5 Status Death
- 100% 100% - 100% 100% 100% -100% - 50% 50% 100%
EBF5 StatDown Attack EBF5 StatDown Magic EBF5 StatDown Defence EBF5 StatDown Mdef EBF5 StatDown Accuracy EBF5 StatDown Evade
40% 40% 80% 80% 40% 40%
Item Drop Rate
Icon EBF5 Item Earth Ball EBF5 Item Geode EBF5 Item Steel Plate EBF5 Item Belt Buckle EBF5 Item Mythril Shards
Name Earth Ball Geode Steel Plate Belt Buckle Mythril Shards
Chance 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Status Damage
Damage taken from status effects, in % of maximum health (per turn), including elemental resistances:
EBF5 Status Burn Burn EBF5 Status Poison Poison EBF5 Status Virus Virus EBF5 Status Doom Doom
(if Death fails)
EBF5 Status Regenerate Regen
0.28% per stack,
up to 2.52%
0.24% per stack,
up to 2.16%
0.48% per stack,
up to 4.32%
Immune -2.(6)%
Damage taken from first three is decreased by 30% on Easy and 65% on Zero difficulties.
Final damage is randomized by ±5% (except for Doom) and rounded down.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Normal Attack x2 Random 220/2 Stat Attack ---- 100% 4x EBF5 Status Doom 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Unleashes either Quake or Torrent on the second hit. Status strength decreased to 2x on Hard or Epic difficulties.
Quick Slash x2 Random 280/2 Stat Attack ---- 100% 2x EBF5 Status Weak 150% 10% 10%
Notes: Unleashes either Quake or Torrent on the second hit. Status strength increased to 4x on Hard or Epic difficulties.
Stomp Centered 120 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Unleashes either Tremor, Geyser or Nettle on all players.
Dirt Boulder x2 Centered 240/2 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Earth 25% 2x EBF5 Status Tired 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Status chance increased to 50% on Hard or Epic difficulties. Inflicts the status on both hits.
Bomb Throw x2 All 190/2 Stat Magic 100% EBF5 Element Bomb -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Notes: Also gets a 33% chance to inflict 1x EBF5 Status Stagger Stagger on Hard or Epic difficulties, inflicts the status on both hits.
Legend Single 200/8
Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Notes: First number is the combined power of the first 8 hits, with the second number being the power of the final hit. Also gets a 100% chance to inflict 1xEBF5 Status Dispel Dispel on Hard or Epic difficulties.
Cataclysm All 175 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Earth -- -- -- 100% 30% 10%
Typhoon All 160 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Water 50% 2x EBF5 Status Wet 100% 30% 10%
Overgrowth All 150/2 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Bio 40% 3x EBF5 Status Poison 100% 10% 10%
Protect Self
-- -- ---- -- 1x
Status Defend
Stat Defence
-- -- --
Notes: Buff strength increased to 80% and also gives 2x EBF5 Status Good Luck Good Luck to allies on Hard or Epic difficulties. Summons a Dirt Boulder, Coral Boulder or Sandstone Boulder and Rock Sprites, Leaf Wraiths or Thorny Creeps.
Eat Bacon Self MaxHP/5 -- ---- -- 50%
Stat Defence
Stat Mdef
Stat Evade
-- -- 10%
Notes: Can only be used once upon reaching <50% HP.
Ragnarok All
Stat Attack ---- -- ---
EBF5 Status Brave
Notes: Limit Break!. Also gives a 30%Stat Attack buff to all allies on Hard or Epic difficulties. First 4 hits have 100/4 power, with the final hit having 130.
Cleaver All 330/5 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 200% 20% 10%
Notes: Limit Break!
  • Unleashed skills:
Attack List
Attack Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Quake Single 60 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Earth -- -- -- 140% 10% 10%
Torrent Single 45 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Water 40% 2x EBF5 Status Wet 100% 10% 10%
Tremor All 25 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Earth -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Geyser All 20 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Water 40% 1x EBF5 Status Wet 100% 10% 10%
Nettle All 22 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Bio 30% 2x EBF5 Status Poison 100% 10% 10%

Battle logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Limit Break;
    • <32% HP → Cleaver;
    • Otherwise → Ragnarok;
  • If <49% HP and didn't use Eat Bacon yet → Eat Bacon;
  • If Summon Score ≥7 → Protect;
    • Summons either a Rock Sprite (2/4), Leaf Wraith (1/4) or Thorny Creep (1/4) (they'll be one level above Matteus);
      • Summons either a Dirt Boulder, Sandstone Boulder or Coral Boulder (they'll be one level above Matteus);
        • Summons either a Rock Sprite (2/4), Leaf Wraith (1/4) or Thorny Creep (1/4) (they'll be one level above Matteus);
    • Summon score increases by 1 if there's only 2 foes remaining and by 2 if only Matteus is remaining (checked at the start of his turn), and resets to 0 after it reaches ≥7.
  • <39% HP → Quick Slash (3/15), Legend (3/15), Dirt Boulder (3/15), Bomb Throw (3/15), Cataclysm (1/15), Typhoon (1/15), Overgrowth (1/15);
  • <74% HP → Normal Attack (1/5), Quick Slash (1/5), Legend (1/5), Stomp (1/5), Dirt Boulder (1/5);
  • Otherwise → Normal Attack (1/2), Stomp (1/2).

* Normal Attack and Quick Slash will unleash either Torrent or Quake on the second hit (same 1/2 chance for each), Stomp will unleash Geyser, Tremor or Nettle on all players (same 1/3 for each).

* Matteus' Limit Break becomes available every time he receives damage equal to 35% of his max HP.

General Strategy

On his 16th turn Matteus will kill everyone. There is no way to avoid the attack.

Stoned puts a strict time limit on the battle, requiring the party to maximize their damage output each turn to avoid a Game Over. The Virus and Poison status effects will allow for consistent damage over time even when the party is forced onto the defensive, and Matteus' vulnerability to Wet and Dry is conducive to setting up combos that can exploit his weakness to Water, Ice, and Bomb.

Summoning Slime Bunny or having equipment that can passively grant effects like Regen, Auto-Revive, or Morale can be helpful to minimize the amount of turns spent healing. While most of Matteus' attacks are non-elemental, resistance to Earth, Water, and Bio will help mitigate some of his skills, additionally, applying Tired and Weaken can greatly reduce Matteus' damage output. Since only one of Matteus' attacks is magical, physical Defence buffs/equipment should be prioritized over Magic Defence ones. Poison/Virus immunity is important if you plan to use the Virus status on him, and having something to reduce the likelihood of Weaken and Tired being applied will make sure the party can deal enough damage within the turn limit.

When Matteus reaches his Limit Breaks, use a Demon Mirror summon to nullify his party-killing physical Limit swords, thus avoiding the need to spend several turns reviving.


Virus party

By maximizing Poison and Virus stacks, and also applying Tired and Invisible on Matteus, the damage dealt from the statuses alone will be enough to kill him before the turn limit runs out. This allows the party to play defensively while letting the statuses slowly kill Matteus. The Beholding Eye and Biohazard Blaster will be needed to inflict the Virus stacks, once those are maxed, Natalie will switch to the Dark Tooth to inflict Invisible (the Obsidian Staff won't work due to requiring more than one stack of Invisible to be inflicted), aside from those, gear that grants Bio resistance should be used to prevent the backlash from Virus spreading back to your own party members, along with buffing gear on whoever has Protect and status gear on whoever will be inflicting Tired (inflicting Weaken is also recommended to reduce Matteus' offences).

Physical Bomb

Alternatively, a more straightforward approach with abusing Matteus' Bomb weakness also works out very well. Lance will be your main attacker with the Heavy Claw and Camo Jacket to deal as much damage as possible with Big Bullet (it's a good idea to inflict both Brave and Good Luck on him, since this way Big Bullet has a guaranteed chance to score a critical hit); Matt should use the Devil's Fork, Cardboard Box and Hipster Shirt and first focus on buffing his allies with Temper, Protect and Reflex, then switch to inflicting Dry on Matteus to increase Bomb damage dealt; Natalie will use the Elder's Wisdom to inflict Enchanted on Matteus, which will further double Lance's damage. All this combined will allow Lance to deal about a quarter of Matteus' HP per attack. NoLegs with the Honjo Masamune and the Camo Jacket can also be used instead of Lance, this gives you even more damage, but it's much riskier due to how frail NoLegs will be. As usual, inflicting Tired and Weaken on Matteus can help you weather his attacks while you're setting up.


"Am I free to do as I wish? Can I kill and EAT THEM ALL?"
―Matteus when summoned, Epic Battle Fantasy 5
The foe can be captured to be used as a summon. He casts a powered up version of Cataclysm on every foe.
EBF5 Foe Icon Matteus
Matteus SP EBF5 Status Freeze
Smashes all foes one by one with incredibly powerful earth attacks.
  • High critical hit rate.
151 Cured
Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All 485 Stat Attack 100% EBF5 Element Earth -- -- -- 150% 30% 10%
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