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The Mecha is the penultimate boss of Epic Battle Fantasy. It battles Matt and Natalie on a highway overlooking a bunker/weapons cache. The heroes must defeat the Mecha to proceed to the final area of the game where their ultimate opponent awaits.


The Mecha is a large, hulking robot made out of black and grey metal. It has a sleek torso with a pointed chestplate flanked by two pairs of machine guns. Its head is proportionately small for its body, with small fins on the sides, a thin black "V" crest on its forehead, and a "face" consisting of a single dark grey plate with five holes (three large ones and two small ones). Its legs are stout blocks with several small wheels on the undersides, allowing the Mecha to roll around like a tank. A large array of engines is mounted on its back, presumably to help propel it forward. It also has a mass of electrical equipment on its right shoulder, including an old-fashioned television antenna and three satellite dishes. 

The Mecha's most notable feature is its immense variety of weapons. Its right arm ends in a massive spiked ball that can be fired on a long chain, while its left arm has a battery of six missile launchers flanked by two large cannons. In addition to the visible machine guns, its torso can deploy a variety of bladed weapons and a pair of boxy energy cannons that seem to serve as its most powerful armaments. It also has three drill-tipped "tails", although they are never used in battle.


The Mecha uses mostly physical attacks, with a few of its cannons dealing magical damage instead. Initially, it mainly relies on the blades hidden in its torso, supplemented by shots from its machine guns and the huge cannons serving as its left arm. After taking some damage, it stops using its machine guns and begins attacking with its right arm, either smashing a single player or hitting both of them at once by shooting the spiked ball at them. At low HP, it stops using its blades and Paired Cannon in exchange for deploying its energy cannons for powerful magic attacks, although its strongest attack requires a turn to charge.

As a mechanical enemy, the Mecha is primarily vulnerable to Thunder and Bomb, but it's also somewhat weak against Earth. On the other hand, it strongly resists Screamer, Glacier, and Fireball - despite the latter, it's neutral to Eruption.


Mecha EBF
Wave Stat HP.png Stat Attack.png Stat Defence.png Stat Magic.png Stat Mdef.png
21 260000 0.9 1.1 1 1.1
EBF3 Skill Eruption.png EBF3 Skill Fireball.png EBF3 Skill Thunderbolt.png EBF3 Skill Iceshard.png EBF3 Skill Quake.png EBF3 Skill Seiken.png EBF3 Skill Judgement.png EBF3 Skill Screamer.png EBF3 Skill Airstrike.png
- 80% -100% 80% -40% - - 80% -100%

In EBF, foe stats are specifically set per wave, thus two foes of the same type may have different stats (resistances will still be the same). See EBF Foe Waves for a list of all foe waves.

Attacks and Abilities

Attack List
Attack Target Power R.Power Type Status Effect RdF
Light Blades Single 2500 2000 Stat Attack.png Stat Defence.png -- -- -- 10%
Dark Blades Single 4800 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Claws Single 4200 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Mace Strike Single 5800 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Chained Mace All 4600/2 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Machine Guns All 4900/7 -- Attack Defence -- -- -- 10%
Paired Cannon All 4400 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Energy Cannons All 4400 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%
Charge Self -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
Notes: Charges up to use Charged Cannons.
Charged Cannons All 9800 -- Attack Magic Defence -- -- -- 10%

Battle Logic

The following describes general logic of the enemy and attack patterns, with chances of each attack to be used. Conditions are listed from highest to lowest priority unless specified otherwise.

  • Used Charge last turn → Charged Energy Cannons;
  • HP > 200k*dif (≈77%) → Light Blades (2/9), Dark Blades (2/9), Claws (2/9), Machine Guns (2/9), Paired Cannon (1/9);
  • HP > 100k*dif (≈38.5%) → Light Blades (1/9), Dark Blades (1/9), Claws (1/9), Mace Strike (2/9), Chained Mace (2/9), Paired Cannon (2/9);
  • HP > 0 → Energy Cannons (2/9), Mace Strike (2/9), Chained Mace (3/9), Charge (2/9).

* dif is x0.8 on Easy, x1 on Normal, x1.2 on Hard and x1.4 on Epic.


Battle against Mecha

Initially, you'll want to keep Protect up at all times, since the Mecha specializes in dealing heavy physical damage. While Screamer will do little to no damage, its Magic Defence debuff can further empower Natalie's Thunderbolt, which hits five times and deals extreme damage to the Mecha. Matt should be used to hand out items (mainly to keep MP high) and maintain Protect, but if he has turns to spare, he can switch to the Stone Edge and use Quake on the Mecha for high damage. Alternatively, he can cast Airstrike; it hits a bigger weakness, but runs on his lower offensive stat.

The Mecha uses more magic attacks as its HP drops, so maintaining Barrier becomes important to reduce their damage. Keeping both players' HP up is essential at this point, since the Mecha can use a deadly laser attack - if it charges up, have both players Defend if possible (unless their HP is low, in which case Natalie should use Heal/Healmore).


  • The Mecha's design comes from one of the countless results of the Mecha Dress Up Game, although some of its parts have been altered. Along with the unnamed robot from Brawl Royale, it would start a trend of the Epic Battle Fantasy series featuring robots based on designs from the Mecha Dress Up Game.
  • The Mecha shares its torso design with the unnamed robot from Brawl Royale. A similar (but not identical) torso piece would be used for the Praetorian.
  • The Mecha's sprite (and thus, its weapons) are mirrored for its appearance in EBF's art gallery (as seen below).