EBF1 Mecha Concept Art

The Mecha is a boss in Epic Battle Fantasy. A large robot armed with a variety of weapons, it battles Matt and Natalie on a highway overlooking a bunker/weapons cache. The heroes must defeat the Mecha to proceed to the final area of the game where their ultimate opponent awaits.

As a mechanical enemy, the Mecha is vulnerable to Thunder and Bob-Ombs. It also appears vulnerable to Earth.



  • Slashes a player with swords, chainsaws, or knives emerging from its torso.
  • Smashes a player with its right arm for high damage.
  • Shoots the spiked ball on its right arm at a player, retracting it on a thick chain.
  • Shoots a player with the guns on its torso, hitting multiple times.
  • Launches bombs from the sides of its left cannon, hitting both players for moderate damage.
  • Shoots missiles from the center of the cannon on its left arm, striking both players randomly.
  • Deploys a pair of boxy cannons from its torso and fires a pair of energy balls, hitting both players for high damage.
  • Charges energy in its boxy cannons for a turn before releasing a massive dual laser against both players.


EBF1 Boss Fight - Mecha

Battle against Mecha

Initially, you'll want to keep Protect up at all times, since the Mecha specializes in dealing heavy physical damage. Screamer might be a good idea, as Natalie's Thunderbolt hits five times and deals extra damage to the Mecha even without its Magic Defence being debuffed. Matt should be used to hand out items (mainly to keep MP high) and maintain Protect, but if he has a few turns to spare, he can switch to the Stone Edge and use Quake on the Mecha for high damage.

After its HP drops below half, the Mecha will begin using magic-based attacks (its boxy cannons) with increasing frequency. Natalie should cast Barrier to reduce the damage of these attacks, recasting it whenever it begins to fade. Keeping both players' HP up is essential at this point, since the Mecha can use a deadly laser attack - if it charges up, have both players Defend if possible (unless their HP is low, in which case Natalie should use Heal/Healmore).

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