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The Mecha Dress Up Game is the first game ever created by Matt Roszak, released back in 2008. It is a relatively simple game parodying the "Dress Up" category (where one typically dresses up a doll or model with clothes and accessories) where the player can create and customize large robots or mecha using an extensive array of weapons and machinery.

Some parts and weapons are references to various games and anime series that were featuring robots/mecha, such as the Gundam series and Canti from FLCL (who also later appeared in Brawl Royale and Epic Battle Fantasy).

On the 24th of September 2021, nearly a day since a mobile port of Brawl Royale was announced, Matt Roszak announced on Discord that an updated mobile port of Mecha Dress Up Game (the same port that will be found in the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection) is coming. It was released on September 28th.


How to obtain all medals.

Newgrounds release of the game features few medals:

  • Mecha 1: Build the Unnamed Mecha (see section below).
  • Mecha 2: Build the Mecha (see section below).
  • Mecha 3: Build the Guardian (see section below).
  • Legendary: Build a mecha with Celebi for a hat. Just flip through the hats until you find it.
  • Phallic Gun: Build a mecha with a minigun in a certain spot. This can be accomplished by switching the mecha's bottom to the second pair of bipedal legs available, and clicking the space in between the legs until the minigun appears.
  • Put Ya Guns On: First, build a mecha with the last possible back accessory option, which looks like a rocket launcher array with 24 or so rocket slots. Then, click the space above the rocket launcher twice to add two more rows of guns to it.
  • Recycle: Build a mecha with a cardboard box for a body. Then, click the decal on the front repeatedly until it switches to a recycle symbol.
  • To Smithereens: Hit the "NUKE" button.


The music that plays in the background is Kiss of Judas by Stratovarius. In the Epic Battle Fantasy Collection, that particular song was replaced by four new soundtracks by Forger343, remixes of earlier tracks by Phyrnna, for the obvious copyright reason.

  • An Unending Adventure
  • Reverse Arcana
  • Twilet Port
  • Under Du5k

Influence on the Epic Battle Fantasy series

  • Many robot bosses in Kupo's later games are based on possible designs from this game:
    • Unnamed Mecha (seventh foe in Brawl Royale)
    • Mecha (EBF1, some of his parts appear different)
    • Guardian (EBF2)
    • Praetorian (EBF4, all of his parts are redrawn in better quality)
  • Several mechanical enemies in the series take inspiration from parts featured in Mecha Dress Up Game, such as the Defender, the Valkyrie Tank, and the Turrets.
  • Some weapons and miscellaneous items owe their first appearances to the Mecha Dress Up Game, including many of Matt's Swords, Lance's gunblade, the speakers summoned by Power Metal skill, and the red katana that appears as the Praetorian's weapon and as a part of the Ninja Skirt.

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