EBF4 Medal Earned

The "Medal Earned" pop-up in EBF4

Medals are a gameplay feature in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. They are awarded to the player when certain conditions are met. These conditions vary wildly between medals; some are awarded for levelling up and trying out different functions of the game (such as learning new skills, defeating enemies, or even visiting the credits page on the main menu), others are awarded for completing story-related events, and some require extremely specific events (such as using a particular skill or item, or finding a secret in the game itself).

Medals primarily serve as bragging rights and replay potential, as players must work hard to find them all. However, some games and websites provide rewards for finding certain medals or a certain number of medals.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

EBF2 Medals

Medals screen in EBF2

There are 20 Medals in Epic Battle Fantasy 2. They serve no in-game purpose, acting as a way of acknowledging the player's feats.


  • For medals related to skill bonuses, you may want to consult with the Skill Bonuses article for information on how to get the required bonus to appear.
  • Unlike in EBF3, each completion medal requires a separate playthrough, i.e., winning the game on Epic difficulty won't get you the medals for clearing Normal and Hard difficulties.
Name Description
Kitten Kart Destroy the cat's mobile fortress (Complete stage 5)
Guardian Smash up an elite sentry (Complete stage 8)
Giga Golem Master the elements (Complete stage 13)
Sand Worm Eat worms for breakfast (Complete stage 16)
Zombie Hydra Keep killing it until it dies (Complete stage 19)
Valkyrie Defeat the final boss and save the world (Complete the game)
Overkill Hit the damage display limit of 99999 (Must be done in a single hit. Try Unleash with Soul Eater, Sword Heart skill bonus and Attack buffed against a foe weak to Dark (Giga Golem's Ice form, its Ice Bit, or Spirit) and with Defence debuffed)
Sword Master Try out all 11 swords
Beast Master Complete the Bestiary by scanning all foes (27 in total, including both forms of the Giga Golem and every single part of the Valkyrie tank. See List of Foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 to identify any you might have missed)
Max Radiation Fire the Ion Cannon for the first time (Obtained after beating the Guardian. Letting Lance fire it also counts)
Invincible Survive with 1HP remaining (Must be done by Matt. Try the Survivor skill bonus)
Noob Kill yourself (Is achieved only for having Natalie die to Meow Meow or Ion Cannon, even if the latter was fired by Lance. Possible suicide from Mystery Potion doesn't count)
Minigamer1 Get 5000 points in the first minigame (Available after first checkpoint or from the main menu)
Minigamer2 Get 6000 points in the second minigame (Available after second checkpoint or from the main menu)
Minigamer3 Get 10000 points in survival mode (Available from the the main menu after playing the first minigame)
Battle Cat Bring NoLegs to the battlefield (Have the Cat Warrior skill bonus activate)
Oblivion Washed away by waves of fire (Let a Nuke launch)
Middle Tier Beat the game on Normal difficulty
Leet Tier Beat the game on Hard difficulty
God Tier Beat the game on Epic difficulty

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

EBF3 Medals

Medals screen in EBF3

The third Epic Battle Fantasy game features three times as many medals as the previous one, and offers an in-game incentive to collect them. Each of the game's locations has a bonus area full of useful items and equipment, but the character blocking the path will only move if the player has a certain number of medals. A new bonus area opens with every ten medals the player collects, with the exception of the one on the Volcano Peak, which requires all 60 medals to open.


  • A third of all medals have their names and descriptions hidden until unlocked (marked by a question mark instead of an exclamation mark), often requiring very specific actions that a player may or may not try during a playthrough, such as using a specific consumable item. This staggeringly stupid concept was scrapped for future games.
  • For medals related to quests, you may want to consult with the quests list.
  • The 2016 update has reduced the difficulty of some minigames and lowered the requirements for their medals. This article lists both updated and old requirements, with the latter marked by brackets.
Name Description
Savior Defeat the final boss and finish the game!
Hero Beat the game on Hard or Epic difficulty.
Legend Beat the game on Epic difficulty.
Equip Fan Get 40 pieces of equipment.
Equip Dealer Get 60 pieces of equipment.
Equip Master Get 80 pieces of equipment.
Shopper Buy out the equipment shop. (hidden)
Squire Defeat the robot pumpkin, Jack. (hidden)
Swordsman Slay and eat a Giant Squid. (hidden)
Warrior Defeat and tame a wild Mammoth. (hidden)
Knight Destroy Protector, the ancient guardian. (hidden)
Lord Slay the three-headed Pyrohydra. (hidden)
Brute Deal 1,000 damage to a foe. (Healing the target doesn't count into damage medals)
Ruffian Deal 3,000 damage to a foe.
Savage Deal 10,000 damage to a foe.
Barbarian Deal 30,000 damage to a foe.
Slayer Deal 100,000 damage to a foe.
Level Builder Get a player up to level 10.
Power Leveler Get a player up to level 20.
Level Grinder Get a player up to level 30.
Helper Complete 10 sidequests.
Tasker Complete 20 sidequests.
Quester Complete all sidequests. (There are 30 in total.)
Treasure Hunter Find all treasure chests in town.
Forest Treasure Find all treasure chests in Vegetable Forest.
Pirate Treasure Find all treasure chests in Rock Lake.
Frozen Treasure Find all treasure chests in Glacier Valley.
Ancient Treasure Find all treasure chests in Kitten Ruins.
Burnt Treasure Find all treasure chests in Volcano Peak.
Beast Tamer Scan 25 foes.
Beast Hunter Scan 50 foes.
Beast Scholar Scan all foes. (75 in total. See List of Foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 to identify any you might have missed)
Hoarder Save up 10,000 gold.
Banker Save up 50,000 gold.
Nouveau Riche Save up 250,000 gold.
Greedy Cat Get 80 [100] points in the first minigame.
Fat Cat Get 130 [140] points in the first minigame.
Narwhal Rider Get 80 [100] points in the second minigame.
Narwhal Surfer Get 130 [150] points in the second minigame.
Card Flipper Get a time under 100 [90] in the third minigame.
Card Wizard Get a time under 75 [65] in the third minigame.
Skeleton Proof Get 150 [160] points in the fourth minigame.
Skeleton Killer Get 200 [230] points in the fourth minigame.
Rock Dodger Get 110 [130] points in the fifth minigame.
Untouchable Get 170 [190] points in the fifth minigame.
Fatty Eat a Hamburger. (Must be consumed in-battle, not in overworld) (hidden)
Slime Splatter Splat 100 slimes in the preloader. (hidden)
Berserker Go berserk and unleash the fury. (Use the Berserk skill. Other means of getting the status effect, such as enemy attacks or the Viking Helmet, will not count) (hidden)
Doomsday Use the Doomsday spell for dramatic effect. (Use a Dark Rune) (hidden)
Nuke Nuke the battlefield to wipe out both sides. (Use Lance's Nuke Limit Break) (hidden)
Genesis Give all life another chance. (Use Natalie's Genesis Limit Break) (hidden)
Ragnarok Rain swords from the heavens. (Use Matt's Ragnarok Limit Break) (hidden)
Learner Learn a new skill. (hidden)
Blacksmith Fully upgrade a weapon. (Any equipment piece counts) (hidden)
Pervert Please don't leave 1,000 comments about this again. (Click on Natalie's breasts 10 times) (hidden)
Cat Tamer Summon NCH's Meow Meow. (Complete the quest for Meow Meow and use the reward in a battle) (hidden)
Narwhal Tamer Summon a Narwhal. (Wear the Pirate Gear upgraded onto level 5; Narwhal appears randomly) (hidden)
Pig Molester Molest those pigs. (Interact with a pig five times; they are found at the bottom-left screen of The Town) (hidden)
Artist Unlock the whole concept art gallery. (View the last page to get the medal) (hidden)
Creditor Check out the credits page.


EBF3 Medal Akron unused
EBF3 Medal Heart unused

Two unused medal icons exist within the game's files: one depicts Akron and is found amongst other boss medals, and the other one is a screenshot of the icon displayed when a character eats an item they like, found amongst the bottom secret medals. Neither have a name or a description assigned, but there isn't much room to guess what they could've been intended for.

Adventure Story


Medals screen in Adventure Story

Much like Epic Battle Fantasy 2, the medals in Adventure Story are completely optional marks of player achievement with no bearing on the game.

There are 30 Medals available in the game, which can be tracked from the "Medals" option in the menu.

Name Description
Level Grinder Reach Experience Level 30
Power Up Find every HP Up and MP Up in the game
Balanced Skillset Purchase the basic version of every spell (Heal, Temper, Seiken, Ice, Fire, and Bolt)
Gold Hoarder Collect every coin in the game (100 per level)
Great Adventurer Open every treasure chest in the game (10 per level)
Forest Jog Beat Level 3 ("Towering Mushrooms") in less than 40 seconds
Desert Dash Beat Level 7 ("The Ancient Ruins") in less than 50 seconds
Glacier Run Beat Level 13 ("Glacier Valley") in less than 60 seconds
Volcano Sprint Beat Level 19 ("Hellfire Peaks") in less than 70 seconds
Self Destruction Beat any boss with their own projectiles (deflect Lance's bombs or the Golem's ice shards into the boss to deplete the last of their HP)
Boss Immunity Defeat a boss without getting hit
Endangered Species Defeat 1000 foes over the course of the game
Animal Cruelty Kill an enemy by knocking it into spikes
Frost Bite Hit an enemy with an icicle
Watch Your Step Trigger a collapsing board by walking over it
Clouds Disappear Stand on a cloud until it disappears
Spikes Are Painful Damage yourself by touching spikes
Lava Is Hot Damage yourself by standing on a lava block for too long
Ice Is Slippery Stand on an ice block for the first time
Shrooms Are Bouncy Bounce on a mushroom for the first time
Foe Juggler Keep an enemy in the air by hitting it repeatedly (best used on Idols or Bushes, which tend to drop from above)
Foe Bouncer Bounce off of enemies a certain number of times in a row
Newbie Warrior Discover the three-hit melee combo (hit the attack key three times in a row while standing on the ground)
Master Warrior Wear the Viking Helmet into a stage, thereby sealing your own magic
Newbie Mage Cast a spell for the first time
Master Mage Cast a Level 3 spell for the first time
Foe Exterminator Complete Stage 21 on Hard or Epic Difficulty
Boss Hunter Complete Stage 22 on Hard or Epic Difficulty
The End Rescue Natalie by completing Stage 20
The Credits Click on the "Credits" option in the main menu

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


EBF4 medals screen before the update

EBF4 BM Medals

... and after

The medal system is largely the same as previous games, but the number of medals has increased to 104 (only 78 prior to the Battle Mountain update), and they no longer serve an in-game purpose. Once again, the difficulty of acquiring Medals varies wildly, with some requiring Epic difficulty to obtain.


  • For the medals requiring opening chests and finding secrets, you may want to consult with the chests & secrets list.
  • And the quests list for quest-related medals.
  • For the damage medals, inflicting Instant Death on a foe also counts, except if via Doom. Damage will be equal to victim's maximum health. Other damaging status effects will not work, and neither would healing the target.
  • The battle must be won for any "kill a specific foe"-type medals to be saved, e.g., you won't get the Lumberjack medal for defeating Mighty Oak in the boss rush and then fleeing it.
Name Description
First Blood Defeat your first foe, and become a hardened killer.
Monster Hunter Defeat 100 foes in total, and develop a taste for their flesh.
Extinction Event Defeat 1,000 foes in total, and become a serious threat to the ecosystem.
Start the Game Already Smash 100 Idols on the loading screen, because clicking randomly makes the game load faster.
Overkill Completely obliterate a feeble enemy. The cute ones deserve it. (Deal over 5x as much damage than enemy's health)
First Casualty Watch a player die, as you do nothing to help. (Suffer your first death — character HP to 0)
Step Over the Dead Clear away a player's rotting corpse. (Replace a dead character with the Backup character)
Lunchtime Take a break and have something to eat outside of battle. (Use a food item in the overworld; permanent stat boosters don't count)
Taste Pain Drink a whole bottle of Chilli Sauce, and eat the actual bottle too. (In overworld, attempting to feed Chilli Sauce to a character whose limit bar is fully charged will not consume the item, yet still trigger the medal)
Limits Were Broken Use an awesome limit break for the first time.
Slime Cat Find a Slime Cat and discover the Warp Zone.
Slime Cat King Find all the Slime Cats, and rule the world map. (Battle Mountain ones count only if you have Premium content bought)
Lost Ruins Find the hidden ruins in the jungle. (Use the Blue Scroll to navigate through the "endless" map area at Lankyroot Jungle. The item must be in your inventory; simply knowing the way is not enough)
Used Strength Push an unwanted block out of the way. It will not be missed.
Used Cut Cut down a dangerous path-blocking bush. Don't worry, they don't have feelings. (Requires The Axe)
Used Flash Light a torch with your candle. Fire magic doesn't work for some reason.
Used Rock Smash Smash a nice boulder. You could even find some diamond inside. (Requires The Hammer)
Used... Ladder? Bridge a gap, with the power of ladders.
Panty Thief Steal some underwear. Perverts pay good money for stuff like this.
Marathon Runner Take 10,000 steps. Fun.
Lava Burns Walk on lava and get hurt, because that's not smart. (Requires Thermal Boots. Will be triggered even if damage is nullified/absorbed by Fire resistance)
Power On Power up a set of factory doors, and open the next area. (Requires a Battery)
Keys Unlock Stuff Use a key to access new treasures, but you should have figured that out on your own.
Winter is Coming Freeze a foe, and then hit them again for massive damage. (Force Freeze off a foe, no matter if damage is nullified/absorbed by elemental resistance)
Burn Baby Burn Set a foe on fire, and watch them burn. (Have the status activate on a foe, no matter how it was inflicted and whether its damage is nullified/absorbed. The medal often achieved during the very first battles because of foes that inflict Burn on themselves or enter the battle with it on them already, such as Tanuki Dog and Flame Sprite)
Water Conducts Shock a wet foe with a thunder attack (or ice, if you prefer).
Death Penalty Kill a foe with an instant-death attack. (Inflict the Instant Death status on a foe, not just kill a foe with an attack that can potentially cause the status)
Extra Lives Survive death: Be killed, but do not die. (Have the Auto-Revive status effect revive a player)
Power of Courage Survive a powerful attack with 1HP. (Have the Morale status effect save a player from death. A lucky drop to 1 HP will not count)
Best Customer Completely buy-out an equipment shop. (Purchase every piece of equipment in a shop)
Overpriced Snacks Destroy the economy by buying rare food. (Have any item reach at least 500K price)
Permanent Stat Boost Eat a stat-boosting snack and boost your stats permanently. Protip: Don't give them all to one character.
Blacksmith Fully upgrade any item of equipment.
Equipment Collector Collect 145 pieces of equipment.
Kamikaze Kill yourself with a spell or summon. (Simplest way: use Sacrifice or Black Hole)
Invaders from Space Summon the most powerful creature to obliterate your enemies.
Beastmaster Unlock all summon creatures.
Treasure Hunter Collect 280 treasure chests. There's more, but getting all of them could be frustrating. (333 after the Battle Mountain update — now impossible to obtain without Premium content bought, as there isn't enough chests in non-premium areas)
Keen Eye Discover 30 secrets. There's actually way more than that though. (Interact with white sparkles somewhere on the overworld, or switch movement mode to mouse-based and hover the cursor over non-walkable tiles — it becomes an exclamation mark if the tile contains a secret)
Millionaire Save up 1,000,000 chocolate coins.
Unknown Power Level Find an unscannable secret foe.
Zoology Student Scan a foe and begin filling in the bestiary.
Zoology Expert Scan all foes and complete the bestiary. (There are 124 scannable foes without the Battle Mountain update and 147 with. See List of Foes in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 to identify any you might have missed)
NPC Helper Complete 10 quests for NPCs. They can't do anything by themselves.
NPC Servant Complete 20 quests for NPCs. Saving the world can wait.
NPC Slave Complete 30 quests for NPCs. They own you now.
Art Appreciator Check out some of the art galleries. (Main Menu → Gallery → Concept Art)
Chicken Molester Seriously stress out a chicken. Just don't stab it. (Interact with a chicken)
Slimy Situation Get turned into a slime. Some people have a fetish for that sort of thing. (Rarely happens after being attacked by a Slime enemy. Higher chance on Hard and Epic difficulties)
Mega Resistance Absorb some elemental damage. (Get a resistance over 100% and let an enemy hit you with a skill of that element with high enough element %)
New Skill Learnt Learn the first of many new skills.
New Skill Found Find a new special skill. You can find them in chests or get them from quests.
Lumberjack Defeat Mighty Oak on Epic difficulty.
Rock Miner Defeat Crystal Golem on Epic difficulty.
Electrical Engineer Defeat Praetorian on Epic difficulty.
Extreme Gardener Defeat Rafflesia on Epic difficulty.
Leet Hacker Defeat the glitch on any difficulty.
Cat Person Defeat Godcat on Epic difficulty.
Pervert Please don't leave 100,000 comments about this. Seriously. (Click Natalie's breasts 10 times. Also works with Dark Natalie)
Deforestation Problem Enter Ashwood Forest for the first time.
Digging Too Deep Enter the Crystal Caverns for the first time.
I See Dead People Enter Graybone Cemetery for the first time.
Realm of Robots Enter the Waste Disposal Plant for the first time.
Plants Eat You Enter Lankyroot Jungle for the first time.
Ancient Civilization Enter the Temple of Godcat for the first time.
300 Damage Deal 300 damage with a single hit.
3K Damage Deal 3,000 damage with a single hit.
30K Damage Deal 30,000 damage with a single hit.
300K Damage Deal 300,000 damage with a single hit.
3M Damage Deal 3,000,000 damage with a single hit. That's a lot!
The Gang's All Here Find all of your missing party members.
Level 10 Reach level 10. That's a good start, but there's still a long way to go.
Level 20 Reach level 20. Getting well into the game now.
Level 30 Reach level 30. Should be strong enough to take on the final boss. Almost.
Level 40 Reach level 40. Well, if you don't have anything better to do, you might as well go even further.
The World is Saved Beat the game and save the world. (Any difficulty)
Second Quest Beat the game a second time, continuing from a completed file. (Impossible to obtain without Premium content bought, as the required "New Game +" mode is Premium-exclusive)
Final Chapter Beat the game a third and final time. (Impossible to obtain without Premium content bought)

Battle Mountain update

Name Description
Dress Up Game Fully upgrade 30 hats or armors. You'll need plenty of different armor for the hardest battles! (Flairs don't count)
Master Blacksmith Fully upgrade 30 weapons. Don't just use the same weapons all the time, that's boring!
Treasure Thief Collect 111 treasure chests. Those chests aren't left out there for you, but you seem to take them anyway.
Treasure Collector Collect 222 treasure chests. That's more chests than original Pok*mon!
Eagle Eye Discover 60 secrets. There may be a few more, but we won't force you to find them all.
30M Damage Deal 30,000,000 damage with a single hit. Is that even possible?! (Typically requires a long setup with maximizing damage output and minimizing enemy defences, including status effects that boost damage of certain element. Practically impossible without Premium content bought, as it is oriented for mid/late New Game++ with a lot of permanent stat food accumulated from three playthroughs)
Worm Control Defeat Sand Worm on Epic Difficulty.
Lo and Behold Defeat Beholder on Epic Difficulty.
Unprotected Defeat Protector on Epic Difficulty.
Dragon Slayer Defeat Zombie Hydra on Epic Difficulty.
Trees Go To War Defeat the stronger version of Mighty Oak, on Epic Difficulty. (This and all medals below are impossible to obtain without Premium content bought, as they depend on the new Premium-exclusive Battle Mountain area)
Die For Diamonds Defeat the stronger version of Crystal Golem, on Epic Difficulty.
Hardware Upgrade Defeat the stronger version of Praetorian, on Epic Difficulty.
End Of The Rainbow Defeat the stronger version of Rafflesia, on Epic Difficulty.
Shadow Huntress Defeat a ranger of the night on Epic Difficulty.
Dark Seductress Defeat a busty succubus on Epic Difficulty.
Captain of Death Defeat an undead pirate on Epic Difficulty.
Fallen Comrade Defeat a zombie soldier on Epic Difficulty.
Foe Rush Beat the monster marathon, on Epic Difficulty.
Miniboss Rush Beat the first boss marathon, on Epic Difficulty.
Boss Rush Beat the second boss marathon, on Epic Difficulty.
Mega Boss Rush Beat the third boss marathon, on Epic Difficulty.
Dark Boss Rush Beat the fourth boss marathon, on Epic Difficulty.
Mighty Fighters Defeat 10 waves of enemies in Endless Battles. That's a good start.
Epic Crusaders Defeat 20 waves of enemies in Endless Battles. Time to start getting serious.
Legendary Heroes Defeat 30 waves of enemies in Endless Battles. This should be quite the challenge!


At first, there was only one unused medal icon, which depicts a surfer NPC — judging by its order in the icons list, it was originally intended for the NPC Helper medal. The Battle Mountain update introduced five more — two related to bosses and three found amongst Endless Battle medal icons — and changed the Treasure Hunter icon, leaving the previous version in the files.

The two boss medals are the most complete, having names, descriptions and icons specified, but no way programmed to achieve them:

  • Mammoth Feast — "Defeat Wooly Mammoth on Epic Difficulty."
  • Smashing Pumpkins — "Defeat Jack on Epic Difficulty."

For three Endless Battle medal icons, only one medal is coded, which would require to pass 60 waves, though its name and description are simply copied over from Legendary Heroes. It also cannot be achieved.

Bullet Heaven 2

BH2 Medals

Medals screen in BH2

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Name Description Difficulty Reward Cheats?
The Pirate Knight Pick up £7,000 in total with Matt. whatever 1000 yes
The Magical Girl Graze 2,000 enemy bullets in total with Natalie. whatever 1000 yes
The Ace Pilot Defeat 1,337 enemies in total with Lance. whatever 1000 yes
The Nature Girl Collect 77 diamonds in total with Anna. whatever 1000 yes
The Cat Get a triple-star rank 3 times with NoLegs. whatever 1000 yes
Untouchable Beat any standard level without getting hit at all. Simply try not to get shot. hard/heavenly 2000 no
Imperishable Beat any boss without getting hit at all. The best way to do this is to not get hit. hard/heavenly 2000 no
Overpowered Player Go mad with cheats and reduce your final score multiplier to zero. whatever 500 yes
Reflector Field Bounce back 100 bullets or more with a single shield item. Fly into those enemy bullets! whatever 500 yes
Star Power Blow away 300 bullets or more with a single star item. Clear the screen when you need it most! whatever 500 yes
Counter Bomb Use a bomb right after getting hit, and avoid the damage. Harder with less bombs and more health! whatever 500 yes
Perfect Run Collect all 13 diamonds in any level in one run. whatever 2000 no
Forest Clear Tear down the bushy fortress and complete world 1. whatever 500 yes
Beach Clear Rescue the beached sea creature and complete world 2. whatever 500 yes
Desert Clear Vandalize an ancient machine and complete world 3. whatever 1000 yes
Glacier Clear Smash the warrior of ice and complete world 4. whatever 1000 yes
Jungle Clear Eradicate the queen of pests and complete world 5. whatever 1500 yes
Volcano Clear Burst the giant eyeball and complete world 6. whatever 1500 yes
Armory Clear Nuke the iron behemoth and complete world 7. whatever 2000 yes
Graveyard Clear Vanquish the beast of nightmares and complete world 8. whatever 2000 yes
Sky Clear Shoot down the guardian of heaven and complete world 9. whatever 2500 yes
Space Clear Destroy the ultimate monstrosity and complete world 10. whatever 2500 yes
Burst Eyeballs Take out 60 of the eyeball boss's small eyes, during a single battle with it. Poke 'em out! heavenly 10000 no
Boss Slayer Defeat all 10 world bosses on Hard difficulty, with at least a B rank for each. hard/heavenly 3000 yes
Heavenly Hero Defeat all 10 world bosses on Heavenly difficulty, with at least a B rank for each. heavenly 6000 yes
Razorleaf Storm Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 1-4. heavenly 3000 no
Bubble Blast Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 2-3. heavenly 3000 no
Ruby Rain Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 3-4. heavenly 3000 no
Diamond Dust Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 4-4. heavenly 3000 no
Lilypad Spin Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 5-1. heavenly 3000 no
Monoliths Of Power Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 6-4. heavenly 3000 no
Destroying Drones Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 7-1. heavenly 3000 no
Autumn Breeze Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 8-1. heavenly 3000 no
Golden Golem Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 9-4. heavenly 3000 no
Splitting Asteroids Get a "Perfect" in the 13th wave of level 10-2. heavenly 3000 no
Grazing Gazelle Graze 100 bullets or more in a single level. Get into the habit of grazing for points! whatever 1000 yes
Binging Bear Graze 1000 bullets or more in a single level. Should try this on a higher difficulty setting! whatever 3000 yes
Raining Coins Collect £100,000 from enemies in total. whatever 2000 yes
Cheat Codes Unlock all cheats and handicaps. Some of them are really expensive! whatever 500 yes
Easily Distracted Squish 100 slimes on the starting screen. whatever 500 yes
Self Destruction Destroy a big bomb and knock out at least 3 enemies with it. Keep a look out for bombs in enemy formations! whatever 500 yes
Don't Do That! Destroy a steel or copper spike ball. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson and try not to do it again! whatever 500 yes
Bullet Hell Die with over 999 bullets on screen. Your failure is forgiven this time. whatever 500 yes
Fast Foes Beat any level with the game sped up by 30%. Use handicaps! hard/heavenly 2000 no
Weak Players Beat any level with your attack reduced by 30%, and with bullet clearing disabled. Use handicaps! hard/heavenly 2000 no
Mass Extinction Defeat 10,000 foes in total. whatever 2000 yes
Forest Time Trial Beat level 1-3, including all bonus waves, in 2:00 or less. hard/heavenly 1000 no
Glacier Time Trial Beat level 4-2, including all bonus waves, in 3:00 or less. hard/heavenly 1500 no
Jungle Time Trial Beat level 5-2, including all bonus waves, in 2:30 or less. hard/heavenly 2000 no
Volcano Time Trial Beat level 6-3, including all bonus waves, in 2:30 or less. hard/heavenly 2500 no
Sky Time Trial Beat level 9-4, including all bonus waves, in 3:00 or less. hard/heavenly 3000 no
Space Time Trial Beat level 10-1, including all bonus waves, in 2:30 or less. hard/heavenly 3500 no
Don't Shoot! Beat any standard level with the Pacifist handicap turned on. You have to time-out every wave! hard/heavenly 4000 no
Reverse Psychology Beat any boss with the Pacifist handicap turned on. The boss won't show you the same mercy! hard/heavenly 4000 no
Pacifist Beat any 5 levels with the Pacifist handicap turned on. Violence isn't always the answer! hard/heavenly 8000 no
1M Points Score a mediocre 1,000,000 points or more in any level. whatever 1000 yes
3M Points Score a decent 3,000,000 points or more in any level. whatever 2000 yes
5M Points Score an impressive 5,000,000 points or more in any level. whatever 4000 yes
10M Points Score an amazing 10,000,000 points or more in any level. whatever 8000 yes
Best Buds Beat any 5 levels with 2 or more players. Friends are the best! whatever 2000 yes
Strength In Numbers Beat any boss with 2 or more players. Should be a breeze, right? hard/heavenly 2000 no
Super Star Get a star rank in all 50 standard levels, on any difficulty. whatever 15000 yes
Hyper Star Get a star rank in all 50 standard levels, on Hard difficulty or higher. hard/heavenly 15000 yes
Ultra Star Get a star rank in all 50 standard levels, on Heavenly difficulty. heavenly 30000 yes

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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