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  • I know that you use Flash Decompilers to get your image files, but I'm having a hard time doing the same. When I open Epic Battle Fantasy 5.swf in SWFRIP, only 157 sprites [shapes] are loaded, and these are all the ones used before you select a language (basically just the slime minigame). Even if I do it while the game is running, I can't get any new sprites to load into the decompiler. Can you recommend a method for doing so, or a better decompiler?

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    • --Better yet, do you still have the SVGs for the status effects? That's what I'm actually looking for

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  • Why do you ban a chat spammer forever? Two days are plenty.

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  • I was wondering per chance if you dont telling me what program you use to extract the weapon images with such high quality? I have gone through some other progams but none are as high quality as yours. I don't want to intrude on what you do but I was just curious as I may want to do this to other games.


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    • This is an excellent question. You have the more obvious way of searching through Matt's DeviantArt gallery and try to extract the images. He usually releases them in batches and they are all very pretty, so I suggest you do that.

      There is another way, but it requires some searching through the internet. It is not faster, but it allows you to just dig through the game files and get the right stuff, and it should work with all Flash games. This is also how I got the title images (check the main page) with little skill in image editing. It might also be illegal, since you're required to get the game files, so reply if you're interested.

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    • I will have to look through Matt's DeviantArt as well but I already have the flash game files downloaded (I have bought it on steam so I do own a copy, although that doesn't help much). I don't mind it taking longer to do so lets here what you have to say. 

      Thanks for replying.

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    • You'll need to look through the internet for something called a 'flash extractor'. It'll allow you to find and extract media files (shapes, sprites, audio files) from any swf file. There are many programs out there, and I'm not too experienced with doing this so you may want to experiment with them all. For editing, you'll need something that can edit vector images.

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  • As you wondered about miscellaneous items' icons that appeared in EBF3 that are yet to be uploaded, here is the list (a total of 17 items):

    • Stunner
    • Metal Gear
    • Magnet
    • Herb
    • Old Wood
    • Ragged Cloth
    • Sad Statue
    • Dragon Fin
    • Jaw Bone
    • Ice Crystal
    • Magmaball
    • Light Feather
    • Green Potion
    • Red Potion
    • Purple Potion
    • Light Rune
    • Pearl

    There are also 5 items that did reappeared in EBF4, but with different icon (the one that is already uploaded). They are not that much necessary to upload but if you want to upload their older icon then:

    • Mushroom
    • Bubble Stone
    • Earthball
    • Rainbow Gems
    • Amethyst

    I will check how the icons differ in terms of Key Items and Stat Food and also add it to the list.

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    • Now they are uploaded. A lot of the items you said that have their icons changed are actually different items (different names). The only 2 items that do have been specially marked.

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    • OK, here are EBF3 Key Items that require uploading:

      • Old Key
      • Stolen Wallet
      • Flower
      • Battery (same name, but has different icon than the one in EBF4)
      • Crimson Orb (that is the actual name, not Dusty Orb)
      • Charcoal

      There are few 4 Key Items that use the same icons as some skills, so I will just copy them now, and Silver Shield which uses the same icon as EBF3 Defend command.

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