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  • Hello and welcome back.

    I have noticed the message on your profile, and since it was quite saddening I feel obliged to write a slight explanation.

    Firstly, don't call your work meaningless, I appreciate your work from back then, as it featured lots of useful info, which was quite sparse on this wikia at the time, especially considering that most of armor pages didn't yet exist. All of your images were a great job as well.

    However, over the time, as all missing armor pages were created, and they all contain full information about armor's stats at each level and such, the previous lengthy list which contained only level 5 stats was deemed obsolete. Your effort was not wasted, back then it was a great job and a fairly useful page, it just couldn't stay the same way forever as the wikia grew.

    As for the pictures themselves, it is not as much that they got removed, as they simply got replaced by a newer (higher resolution) versions, you may see them on each armor and hat individual page.

    Finally, regarding the deletion of the page. There is actually no irony there and the message is spelled right. That is because back then there was "Female Armor" page (previously named "Female Armor EBF3" however after the change it featured info for both games) as well as "Female Armor EBF4" itself. Naturally, I decided to remove on of the pages and update the other. The choice went for updating "Female Armor" and subsequently rename it into "Female Hats and Armor", while "Female Armor EBF4" was thus deemed a duplicate and removed.

    Sorry for causing confusion and potential outrage. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here, on my own wall or even try catching me on chat. I also recommend trying out the forum. Have a nice day.

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