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The Mineshaft Maze is an optional dungeon in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is accessed from the eastern side of No Man's Land after Lance joins the party.


As its name suggests, the Mineshaft Maze is an enormous labyrinth of tunnels beneath No Man's Land and the Iron Fortress. It was created by Lance's forces, presumably for resources and insight into the threat of the monoliths on their world, but it was eventually abandoned after their attempt to make an autonomous heavy-duty digging machine (that conveniently doubles as a powerful weapons platform) went horribly wrong. Parts of the tunnels have collapsed as a result of powerful tremors, but the general structure of the mine remains remarkably intact, with many support beams and functional lights lining the shafts.

The greatest challenge of the Mineshaft Maze is arguably navigation; many of the corridors look very similar to each other, and going too far in one direction will wrap the party around to the opposite side. To reach the boss of the area, the player should look for and follow the track marks dotted around the maze; if done correctly, they will find a ladder at the southern edge of the mines that leads to the cavern where Lance's rogue superweapon lurks. On the other hand, there are also several treasure chests scattered through the mines which will require some thorough exploration to find; if the player gets stuck, they can reload the game to automatically return the party to the entrance of the maze.

There are two "walk-once" puzzles hidden in the Mineshaft Maze that provide treasure if the party can light up all of the tiles without passing over any of them more than once, presumably intended as stockpiles for Lance's army that were abandoned when they left the mines.


The Mineshaft Maze has a relatively sparse enemy population for its size, with most of them being mechanical, undead, or Earth and Thunder-based. It may actually be a good idea to leave the foes alone until the player has defeated the boss and found all of the treasure in the area; most of them will not impede progress and their presence can help players remember where they are in the maze. On the other hand, battling the foes provides opportunities for some early scans, particularly of the Neon Valhalla's helpers.


1 F1MineshaftMaze.png G1MineshaftMaze.png H1MineshaftMaze.png I1MineshaftMaze.png J1MineshaftMaze.png K1MineshaftMaze.png L1MineshaftMaze.png
2 F2MineshaftMaze.png G2MineshaftMaze.png H2MineshaftMaze.png I2MineshaftMaze.png J2MineshaftMaze.png K2MineshaftMaze.png L2MineshaftMaze.png M2MineshaftMaze.png
3 E3MineshaftMaze.png F3MineshaftMaze.png G3MineshaftMaze.png H3MineshaftMaze.png I3MineshaftMaze.png J3MineshaftMaze.png K3MineshaftMaze.png L3MineshaftMaze.png M3MineshaftMaze.png
4 E4MineshaftMaze.png F4MineshaftMaze.png G4MineshaftMaze.png H4MineshaftMaze.png I4MineshaftMaze.png J4MineshaftMaze.png K4MineshaftMaze.png L4MineshaftMaze.png M4MineshaftMaze.png
5 E5MineshaftMaze.png F5MineshaftMaze.png G5MineshaftMaze.png H5MineshaftMaze.png I5MineshaftMaze.png J5MineshaftMaze.png K5MineshaftMaze.png L5MineshaftMaze.png M5MineshaftMaze.png
6 F6MineshaftMaze.png G6MineshaftMaze.png H6MineshaftMaze.png I6MineshaftMaze.png J6MineshaftMaze.png K6MineshaftMaze.png L6MineshaftMaze.png
7 F7MineshaftMaze.png G7MineshaftMaze.png H7MineshaftMaze.png I7MineshaftMaze.png J7MineshaftMaze.png K7MineshaftMaze.png L7MineshaftMaze.png M7MineshaftMaze.png
8 F8MineshaftMaze.png G8MineshaftMaze.png H8MineshaftMaze.png I8MineshaftMaze.png J8MineshaftMaze.png K8MineshaftMaze.png L8MineshaftMaze.png M8MineshaftMaze.png
9 G9MineshaftMaze.png H9MineshaftMaze.png I9MineshaftMaze.png J9MineshaftMaze.png