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Minigames are a recurring feature in the Epic Battle Fantasy series, present in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and Epic Battle Fantasy 3. The gameplay and rewards of each minigame vary drastically between games.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, the player controlled NoLegs with the goal of killing your "Dead family" (taking the form of skeletal cats), until the timer runs out or NoLegs is knocked out.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 features a different minigame in each area (except the Town and the Rift). Doing minigames will net some coins based on the score (time in Cards in the Snow). If the player earns a particularly high score, they can get up to two Medals for each minigame.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, there is only one minigame, in which the player must have NoLegs fend off skeletal cats.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 has a total of 5 minigames, found in various places across the world map.

Food Catcher

The first minigame features NoLegs as he tries to eat food flying all over the screen. This minigame can be played by talking to Sir Ken, after defeating Jack in the Vegetable Forest.

Narwhal Surf

The second minigame is Narwhal Surfing, where you play as a small Narwhal trying to collect as much coins as possible. They float about aimlessly on the screen, but move at a different speed to the rest of the environment. The environment is water as the lower half of the screen, which can be navigated freely, and Air as the top half of the screen, which adds gravity. Rocky outcrops appear from both the bottom and the top of the screen, and will become more annoying as the game progresses. Hitting a rock will subtract 10 coins. This minigame is played by talking to James in the top right corner of Rock Lake.

Cards in the Snow

The third minigame is a memory card game, played by talking to Joanne by the small volcano in Glacier Valley. The player flips two cards at a time, and must match each pair in order to complete the game.

Ruin Raider

The fourth minigame is similar to the one from EBF2, involving killing Skeletons that pop up from the ground. They will drop crystals, but these are hard to collect since new skeletons will pop up just where they lie. They will disappear after a short time. This minigame can be played by talking to Dishi in the Kitten Kingdom Ruins.

Rock Runner

The fifth minigame takes Nolegs through a volcanic eruption. The game is a runner like the Narwhal Surf game, but has vastly more obstacles. Like in the Narwhal Surf minigame, there are annoying outcrops, and getting hit by anything will lose you 10 coins. Coins will float randomly on the screen. This minigame can be played by talking to Curly, in the Beholder part of Volcano Peak.