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Mirrors are a family of enemies introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


As the name suggests, Mirrors are large mirrors presumably animated by magic. They have a usually rectangular frame (except for the Angel Mirror, which has an oval frame) made of wood or metal, detailed in a fashion befitting their unique species. They have a reflective glass surface within the frame, displaying a pair of small eyes surrounded by a faint aura; these eyes temporarily vanish when the Mirror uses certain attacks. When broken, the back of the frame is exposed, surrounded by a few jagged shards of glass.

Mirrors typically appear in haunted areas such as the Mystic Woods and the Cultist lairs.


Mirrors can attack physically by smacking players with their frames, but they generally favor magic spells and strange constructs summoned from their glassy surfaces. All Mirrors have the ability to reflect damage inflicted on them, with some reflecting all damage and others being limited to physical or magical damage only. The damage has the same element (if any) as the original attack and cannot be avoided in any way; the only way to stop reflection damage is to break the Mirror.

The most direct method of breaking a Mirror is to damage it, either by hitting it with an attack that depletes at least 50% of its HP while also leaving it with less than 24% of its HP remaining, or by inflicting any amount of damage to a Mirror with less than 14% of its HP remaining. A broken Mirror loses its reflection ability and is limited to a basic physical attack; however, the player who breaks it will suffer Bad Luck. This can be avoided by forcing a Mirror to break itself by using its Glass Shard Volley; it gains a chance to use this attack when reduced to less than 39% of their maximum HP, but it can be forced to use the attack immediately if Berserk is inflicted upon it.

The Mirrors have a wide range of weaknesses and resistances, but all of them except for the Angel Mirror are weak to Holy.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5


  • If a broken Mirror is captured and used as a summon, it will function normally despite appearing in its broken form.
  • The Mirror family was originally created by Greg Velazquez. In addition to early designs of the Haunted Mirror and the Angel Mirror (called "Holy Mirror" in the artwork), there is also a concept for a rock-based "Crystal Mirror."
    • The Mirrors' original concept art can be found hanging on a wall in the Iron Fortress, beside a similar picture of a Cat Bomber.

      Greg Velazquez's original concept art for the Mirrors.