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EBF5 Item Moon Pearl


Item Pearl


"A large pearl that looks a bit like the moon."
―In-game description, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Moon Pearl, called Pearl in EBF3, is a crafting item in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 5. It is a round white mineral used for forging a few pieces of Holy-related equipment onto its last level, making it into something of a counterpart of Dark Matter.

In EBF3, Pearl can be bought in The Town for 33 000 gold. (and EBF5?)

Drop Rate

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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  • "Pearl" has also been used as the name of the recurring Holy spell in some of the earlier Final Fantasy games. This may have contributed to its use as a high-tier Holy equipment material in the EBF series.
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