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The Mystery Potion is an item with random effects in Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


The Mystery Potion is a clear vial containing a grey liquid with a red mushroom suspended inside. The vial itself has a piece of red cloth tied along the top of it, and has a red cork.

Mystery Potion does have some strong effects, but if it doesn't roll the desired effect, that can lead to a wasted turn (such as buffing a player already buffed up), or even deal damage to the player you wanted to heal. As such, the player should stick to normal potions as they are more reliable.

The game begins with 2 Mystery Potions in the inventory. It cannot be bought or sold in the shops; the player can only obtain more as a reward from a wave or by stealing them with the Potion Thief Skill Bonus.


Equal chance (20%) for each variant. The table also lists how much do user's Chemist and Chemist x2 skill bonuses affect them (stats in brackets are pre-EBF Collection update).

Standard effect Chemist Chemist x2
Heals for 8000 HP. 11200 [10400] 14400 [12800]
Heals for 777 MP. 1087 [1010] 1398 [1243]
Gives 50% Stat Attack.png Attack and Stat Magic.png Magic Attack buff. Unaffected
Gives 5x Status Regen.png Regen and EBF2 Status Auto Revive.png Auto-Revive.
Deals physical damage in 2-10101 range. 200% accuracy, ignores user's.
Unaffected by user's Stat Attack.png Attack, affected by target's Stat Defence.png Defence.
2-14141 [2-13131] 2-18181 [2-16160]

Note that before the EBF Collection update, its buff and status variants overwrote their related values, which could make them potentially be harmful, e.g., if the player had 8 turns of Regen left, it could waste 3 turns.

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