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The Mystic Woods are an area in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the x location visited by the party.


The Mystic Woods consist of the forest behind Greenwood Village. They are large dark and dreary, with orange trees and purple swamps giving the area an ominous feel. It is also literally haunted, as not only Wraiths but also voodoo dolls of various kinds litter the area. The Mystic Woods are also right behind the Iron Fortress, and have been heavily polluted by Lance's activities. This has led to the conditions of the Mystic Woods being particularly awful, and far more dangerous than it was before.

The party will need to find not only the Leafy Boots but also the Stepladder in this area.




The vast majority of foes in the Mystic Woods are either Bio or Dark based. Many of these are vile spirits, while others are merely the naturally deadly flora and fauna, such as the Toxic Squid. Still others are the result of pollution from the Iron Fortress, which has caused the appearance of several Gloops. There is also a large clowder of cats in the area, mostly due to the presence of Laurelin.

Foe List


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