EBF3 NoLegs on a Star

NoLegs in the EBF3 opening cutscene

NoLegs is one of the main characters in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. He is a legless blue cat who serves as the party's pet. While often considered a member of the team, he is not a playable character in any of the first 4 main games and only supports them in the form of skills and summons.

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Brawl Royale

Brawl Royale NoLegs

NoLegs's appearance in Brawl Royale

NoLegs appears as the first opponent Matt must face in the quickdraw tournament. Appearing somewhat worse for the wear (with bandages around his torso and on his cheek), he attempts to strike Matt with a small knife, only to be slashed to pieces when Matt outdraws him.

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Epic Battle Fantasy

NoLegs is introduced to the EBF series proper as the apparent controller of the game's first boss - King Slime. Standing on the tower-like structure on the Slime's head, he uses the mounted cannon to shoot at Matt and Natalie. After being defeated, he apparently joins them as an ally.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In EBF2, NoLegs is identified as a denizen of the Kitten Kingdom, whose influence is implied to have been the reason for the cats taking Matt and Natalie in after their cataclysmic battle with Goku. When the heroes fled the city (while fighting through the Kitten Army for no known good reason), NoLegs chose to accompany them and continue to provide aid (as one of Matt's skills).

NoLegs also stars in a minigame that takes place before using the two shops, where he can help Matt and Natalie by destroying animated kitten skeletons and collecting the valuables they drop. In-universe, the undead assault is supposedly a curse put on NoLegs as punishment for his betrayal of his fellow cats. Additionally, he is often seen in the "stage clear" cutscenes (along with Matt, Natz, and the Beholder), somersaulting along or riding a yellow star.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3


NoLegs summoned by the Knight Helmet

Once again, NoLegs accompanies the heroes (now including Lance) on their quest to restore their powers and defeat Akron. He is mentioned as being the only one who knows the secrets of the Kitten Ruins, with his inability to speak preventing him from revealing these secrets to his friends.

NoLegs also appears as the player character in the first, fourth, and fifth minigames.

Bullet Heaven

NoLegs is a playable character available at the start. He is the fastest character in the game, and his main weapon is a star attack that spreads out quickly. His sub-weapon consists of a horizontal line of stars that penetrates through foes, and his bomb summons three giant stars at random positions on the map to damage foes.

Bullet Heaven 2

NoLegs returns as a playable character.

Adventure Story


Matt finds NoLegs in the end-of-level portal of every stage

NoLegs has a minor role during this spin-off game. In the opening cutscene, he is along Matt and Natalie on a walk when Lance arrives in a massive tank. After being knocked down by a bomb and witnessing Natalie's abduction at the hands of Lance, NoLegs joins Matt in his quest to save their friend.

In the game proper, NoLegs serves as the end-of-level marker, sitting in the final portal of each level. When Matt interacts with the portal, he picks up NoLegs in a hug, ending the level and unlocking the next one.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • NoLegs's original appearance in EBF4 and earlier games
  • NoLegs's new appearance in EBF4 after "Battle Mountain" update

NoLegs joins his friends (as well as newcomer Anna) on another quest to save the world, this time from the Kitten Army loyal to Godcat. At the end of the quest, he refuses Godcat's offer to join her and his fellow cats in their journey to find a new world for themselves, since NoLegs wishes to stay with his friends.

NoLegs makes additional appearances when switching out a defeated Matt or Natalie.

In the Battle Mountain update the developer re-skinned NoLegs and the other cats, giving them a more detailed appearance.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5


NoLegs in EBF5, wearing different types of equipment.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 marks NoLegs's first playable appearance in the main games. He has very low HP, partially compensating with high Evade. He wields "cat toys", which consist of variations of a small melee weapon and shield. His main skills are similar to Matt's, dealing high physical damage to a single target, but NoLegs' are multi-hit, can retarget when the target dies and gain more hits for each enemy defeated, so he is more of a "trash cleaner" rather than "boss destroyer". NoLegs also has powerful support skills in his base set, which Matt lacks.

Skill and Summon

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In battle, NoLegs can be summoned through Matt's "NoLegs" skill, bringing a random item and using it on either player. He will randomly do this on his own if Matt takes the Cat Tamer skill bonus between stages. Matt can also take the Cat Warrior skill bonus, which will randomly summon NoLegs to strike an enemy with either a sword or a bomb.

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Item version

Sword version

Bomb version

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

NoLegs' item-bringing version can be summoned manually through the use of Matt's "NoLegs" skill. This time, he comes in with a treasure chest that he throws into the air, dropping its stored item into a random player's hands. He can also be randomly summoned by a fully-leveled Cat Costume (array of possible items depends on skill's level), while a Level 5 Knight Helmet has a chance to summon him to strike a random enemy with his sword; there is no longer a version that throws a bomb at an enemy.

Item version

EBF3 Skill NoLegs
NoLegs the cat brings a random healing item and uses it on a random ally. Does not use up your stock.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Item's -- ---- -- -- -- --
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 ? -- -- 3 50
2 ? -- -- 5 150
3 ? -- -- 7 500
4 ? -- -- 9 1200
5 ? -- -- 11 3000
Note: Items follow their normal targetting parameters, e.g., Kiwi will only target one player, while Pineapple is given to each player.

List of possible items
Item Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Garlic 2/8 1/6 1/11 1/13 1/16
Kiwi 3/8 1/6 2/11 1/13 1/16
Muffin 2/8 2/6 2/11 1/13 1/16
Pumpkin 1/8 1/6 1/11 2/13 1/16
Milk -- 1/6 1/11 1/13 1/16
Beer -- -- 1/11 1/13 1/16
Hamburger -- -- 1/11 1/13 1/16
Icecream -- -- 1/11 1/13 --
Softdrink -- -- -- 1/13 1/16
Cupcake -- -- -- 1/13 2/16
Coconut -- -- -- 1/13 2/16
Pineapple -- -- -- 1/13 1/16
Pizza -- -- -- -- 1/16
Sundae -- -- -- -- 1/16
Watermelon -- -- -- -- 1/16

Sword version

Name Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
NoLegs Single 60 Stat Attack ---- -- -- -- 100% 60% 30%

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

NoLegs returns as a summon skill that is unlocked when Natalie joins the party. He strikes the enemies with a sword. He can still be summoned at random with the Knight Helmet, as well as with one of the newly added Flairs — the Cat Badge. He is also the pilot of the Kitten Fort summon. NoLegs' item-bringing version is functionally replaced by the Friend Dog summon.

Summon NoLegs
NoLegs SP Status Freeze
Targets all foes. 12 Kept
Target Power Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
All 15 Stat Attack 50% Element Wind -- -- -- 100% 10% 10%
Note: Unlike other damaging summons, this one scales off full Summon Attack rather than a half, effectively dealing twice the expected damage. In other words, you can consider NoLegs as 30 power.


  • The healing function of the "NoLegs" skill in EBF2 and 3 serves the same purpose as the Mog summon from EBF1 and the Friend Dog summon from EBF4.
  • NoLegs' use of a star for transportation is likely a reference to the Warp Star from the Kirby series.
  • The concept of NoLegs came from a geography project.
  • It is unclear how NoLegs wields his weapons, or where he finds the items he brings to the party when summoned via his eponymous skill. Matt even asks NoLegs, "Where do you steal those items from, anyway?" when he summons the kitten in EBF2.