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―NoLegs, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

NoLegs is one of the main characters in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. He is a legless blue cat who serves as the party's pet. While often considered a member of the team, he is not a playable character in any of the first 4 main games and only supports them in the form of skills and summons. However, in Epic Battle Fantasy 5, NoLegs becomes a fully fledged playable party member.

Physical Appearance

NoLegs is a blue-furred cat who "stands" at about half the height of the other player characters. As his name implies, he has no limbs; somehow, he can still carry objects at his side. He has a long tail with a rounded tip, and his face consists of two beady eyes, a small mouth, and no visible nose.

In earlier appearances, NoLegs had a very simple design made of mostly geometric shapes; notably, his head was basically a perfect oval with a broad notch on top to define his ears, and he had three pairs of long black whiskers on each cheek. Starting from the Battle Mountain update of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, he gained more detailed fur, a thicker tail, triangular ears with pink insides, and pointed tufts of fur on his cheeks instead of whiskers. His colors were updated to give him blue eyes and a more saturated shade of blue for his fur, as well as small "X" marks on the bottom of his body where his legs would be if he had any. Some of his emotes reveal that he has a pair of small white fangs in his mouth.

In his appearances as a summon, NoLegs usually wields a short sword, sometimes paired with a shield and a knight's helmet. As a playable character in EBF5, he has access to a wide variety of equipment, but his default set consists of the Steel Buckler, the Knight's Helmet, and the Heroic Armor. In cutscenes, he is depicted with a red bandana tied around his neck, a round wooden shield with a metallic border, and a sword resembling the one wielded with the Elven Shield. Strangely, if he's selected as the party leader in EBF5, he will be depicted with shoes in the overworld.


NoLegs in the EBF3 opening cutscene.

NoLegs's main trait in most of his appearances is his loyalty to the party; ever since Matt and Natalie defeated him in the first boss battle of Epic Battle Fantasy, he has followed them through the most dangerous situations in order to help them however he can. Even in EBF5, when he first appears as a miniboss, NoLegs quickly allies himself with Matt after being defeated in battle - his Bestiary entry lightly implies that they bonded over their similarly passionate spirits.

While the source of NoLegs's loyalty is unclear, it is strong enough for him to choose his friends over his own kind, as seen when he abandons the Kitten Kingdom (in EBF2) or turns down Godcat's offer to travel the cosmos with her and her loyalists (in EBF4) in favor of remaining with the party. He also has no qualms about fighting other cats on the party's behalf, such as those fighting alongside Laurelin.

Although Nolegs is unable to speak beyond purrs, meows, and other cat noises, his translated thoughts and the party's reactions to his "comments" imply that he's not nearly as innocent as he appears at first glance. He is rather brusque and abrasive at times, with a somewhat dirty sense of humor and a tendency to bristle at even implied insults. Like Matt and Lance, he is a gleeful kleptomaniac, particularly in EBF5, where he is first mentioned as stealing Matt's garbage.

Appearances in the Series

Brawl Royale

NoLegs's appearance in Brawl Royale

NoLegs appears as the first opponent Matt must face in the quick-draw tournament. Appearing somewhat worse for the wear (with bandages around his torso and on his cheek), he attempts to strike Matt with a small knife held in his mouth, only to be slashed to pieces when Matt outdraws him.

Epic Battle Fantasy

NoLegs is introduced to the EBF series proper as the apparent controller of the game's first boss, King Slime. Standing upon the tower-like structure on the Slime's head, he uses the mounted cannon to shoot at Matt and Natalie. After being defeated, he apparently joins them as an ally.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

In EBF2, NoLegs is identified as a denizen of the Kitten Kingdom; his influence is implied to have been the reason for the cats taking Matt and Natalie in after their cataclysmic battle with Roku. When the heroes fled the city (while fighting through the Kitten Army for no known good reason), NoLegs chose to accompany them and continue to provide aid (as one of Matt's skills).

NoLegs also stars in a minigame that takes place before using the two shops, where he can help Matt and Natalie by destroying hostile Skeleton Cats and collecting the valuables they drop, giving his allies more gold to spend in the shops. In-universe, the undead assault is supposedly a curse put on NoLegs as punishment for his betrayal of his fellow cats. Additionally, he is often seen in the "stage clear" cutscenes (along with Matt, Natz, and sometimes the Beholder), somersaulting along or riding a yellow star.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

NoLegs summoned by the Knight Helmet before the 2016 update.

Once again, NoLegs accompanies the heroes (now including Lance) on their quest to restore their powers and defeat Akron. He is mentioned as being the only one who knows the secrets of the Kitten Ruins, with his inability to speak preventing him from revealing these secrets to his friends. During the battle with the Pyrohydra, he is attacked and apparently eaten by Blaze, only to emerge from the dragon's mouth after it is slain, unharmed and unfazed.

NoLegs also appears as the player character in the first, fourth, and fifth minigames.

Bullet Heaven

NoLegs is a playable character available at the start. He is the fastest character in the game, and his main weapon is a star attack that spreads out quickly. His sub-weapon consists of a horizontal line of stars that penetrates through foes, and his bomb summons three giant stars at random positions on the map to damage foes.

Bullet Heaven 2

NoLegs returns as a playable character, with similar traits to his appearance in the first game. He also gains an undead counterpart named Dry NoLegs, who is another playable character.

Adventure Story

Matt finds NoLegs in the end-of-level portal of every stage.

NoLegs has a minor role during this spin-off game. In the opening cutscene, he accompanies Matt and Natalie on a walk when Lance arrives in a massive tank. After being knocked down by a bomb and witnessing Natalie's abduction by Lance, NoLegs joins Matt in his quest to save their friend.

In the game proper, NoLegs serves as the end-of-level marker, sitting in the final portal of each level. When Matt interacts with the portal, he picks up NoLegs in a hug, ending the level and unlocking the next one.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

NoLegs joins his friends (as well as newcomer Anna) on another quest to save the world, this time from the Kitten Army loyal to Godcat. At the end of the quest, he refuses Godcat's offer to join her and his fellow cats in their journey to find a new world for themselves, since NoLegs wishes to stay with his friends.

NoLegs makes additional appearances when switching out a defeated Matt or Natalie. He can also be called to battle via a summon or certain Equipment Effects.

In the Battle Mountain update, the developer re-skinned NoLegs and the other cats, giving them a more detailed appearance.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

NoLegs wearing different types of equipment

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 marks NoLegs's first playable appearance in the main games. He is introduced as a seemingly-random cat that has been stealing Matt's trash, attacking Matt himself as he travels through the piers of Hope Harbor. After being defeated in battle, NoLegs joins Matt's adventure.

While NoLegs's background remains unclear throughout the rest of the game, there are several hints that there is more to him than he lets on:

  • NoLegs summons Godcat (in her incarnations as The Destroyer and The Creator) for his Limit Breaks, often bringing up curious questions from the more well-versed party members. Notably, Natalie notices that both his Limit Breaks looked exactly like the descriptions of Godcat in the Book of Catus, though she brushed it off as a coincidence, and Lance himself is dumbfounded after seeing his Limit Break, mentally wondering if he should have raised cats instead of trained soldiers.
  • The Temple of Trials supposedly summons warped reflections of humans and cats alike - as seen with Matteus, Natalia, Lancelot and Annabelle - and yet NoLegs remains the only playable character without any evil reflections, instead being represented by God.
  • While it is plausible that NoLegs stole his starting gear from somewhere, it seems unusual that an ordinary cat would have been able to find a full set of plate armor as well as a strong sword and shield.
  • During the end of the game, when Matt opens up about his gut feeling of the player's existence and their influence, NoLegs simply smirks while the others are confused or shocked. The game hints that he might have known about the player earlier and/or more then Matt does.


"Wow, NoLegs is crazy fast. Maybe he can't hit as hard as me, but he can get more hits in!"
―Matt, observing NoLegs's fighting style

As a playable character, NoLegs loosely fits into the "rogue" archetype (complete with a swift backstab for his Normal Attack). Despite a good Magic Defence stat, having the lowest HP and Defence among the party members (even worse than Natalie's) makes him extremely fragile; fortunately, his amazing Evade lets him dodge attacks much more frequently than the rest of the team. He wields "cat toys" - variations of a small melee weapon and shield - along with the usual assortment of Male Hats and Armor, many of which are modified for his tail, lack of limbs, and generally smaller body.

While NoLegs has balanced offensive stats, the bulk of his skills favor physical damage. Like Matt, he mainly uses powerful single-target attacks; however, he specializes in three-hit attacks that immediately "chain" to another foe if the current one dies, gaining an additional hit for each enemy defeated in the chain. This quality makes NoLegs more suitable as a "trash cleaner" who can pick off waves of low-HP foes with a single move; in contrast, his ability to deal with multiple strong foes is limited. He also has Swordplay and Swift Slash for heavy single-target damage and guaranteed multi-target damage, respectively; both are weapon-elemental skills, allowing them to apply whatever status effects and debuffs his current cat toy may have.

NoLegs's base skill set has Wind, Water, Thunder, Holy, and Dark attacks which can inflict status effects like Stun, Weaken, or Bad Luck. He also has powerful support skills that make use of his Magic Attack; Nine Lives allows him to heal and revive multiple players in one turn, Star Blast hits all foes for strong non-elemental damage and a high chance of Dispel, and Sushi Cat allows him to damage foes while also significantly healing two party members that have lost the most health. While highly effective, these skills also suffer from lengthy cooldown times that prevent them from being spammed.

NoLegs's natural Limit Breaks call upon Godcat herself to devastate his enemies. The Creator inflicts massive magical Holy damage while temporarily clearing any weather that may be affecting the battlefield; in contrast, The Destroyer inflicts powerful physical Dark damage while Dispelling buffs and positive status effects from the entire enemy wave. Both of these Limit Breaks are highly accurate, all but ensuring they'll hit their marks when cast. NoLegs is also the only player who can learn any shared Limit Break in the game, giving him a good amount of versatility when his Limit bar is full.

In terms of shared skills, NoLegs can learn a mixture of physical and magical attacks, some of which serve as his only options for Bio, Fire, Bomb, Ice, and Earth damage (outside of the appropriate elemental cat toys). He can learn most healing and buffing skills, making him effective at keeping the party alive; on the other hand, he can't learn most debuff skills. Additionally, he can use a potent status build with the Flame Suit, the Captain's Hat, and certain cat toys; the Human Skull provides a status boost for its on-hit effect and skills like The Reaper, while the Book of Spells and the Neon Lightbulb offer high chances to inflict Freeze and Stun, respectively.


Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Emotes


The Mascots page in EBF1's Gallery, which explains how Matt came up with the character of NoLegs

  • Despite using male armor, NoLegs is one of the three characters capable of using the Art Attack Limit Break, which Matt noted can only be used by girls.
  • NoLegs's use of a star for transportation is likely a reference to the Warp Star from the Kirby series.
  • As mentioned in the EBF1 Gallery, the concept of NoLegs was first created during a geography class.
  • It is unclear how NoLegs wields his weapons, or where he finds the items he brings to the party when summoned via his eponymous skill.
    • Matt points this out when he asks NoLegs, "Where do you steal those items from, anyway?" when he summons the kitten in EBF2.
  • NoLegs is the only playable character in EBF5 who has no specific Endings unlocked by spending time with his allies; instead, having him in the active party triples the rate at which the other two characters gain "relationship points".
    • However, he was mentioned in Matt x Natalie's ending where he and Matt continues to find treasures in dungeons, and in Anna x Natalie's ending where he became a mascot for Anna's garden centre business.


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