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No Man's Land is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 5. It is the fourth area visited by the party, and the area where their final members will be encountered for the first time.


No Man's Land was once a forest (presumably part of the Mystic Woods) before a group of "fascists" moved in and built the Iron Fortress; now, it's an industrial wasteland littered with weapons and track marks from heavy vehicles. Its inhabitants are responsible for the garbage and debris visible in Rainbow River, along with the toxic waste polluting part of the Mystic Woods to the north of the Iron Fortress.

Some time after emerging from the Ice Cave, the party is ambushed by Lance, who uses his Neon Valkyrie hover tank to knock them out before kidnapping Natalie. Matt and NoLegs are quick to pursue, only to be attacked by Anna, who mistakes them for Lance's allies due to Matt's blonde hair. After being defeated and clearing up the misunderstanding, Anna joins the party to help them infiltrate the Iron Fortress, rescue Natalie, and stop Lance.

The eastern edge of No Man's Land is blocked off by several boulders that can be broken with The Hammer found in the Iron Fortress. After rescuing Natalie but before defeating Lance and the Neon Valkyrie, several large barricades are built in No Man's Land, preventing the party from progressing further. These barricades are removed after Lance is defeated and joins the party.

Weather conditions in No Man's Land include Acid Rain and Airstrike.

The entrance to the Mineshaft Maze can be found at the eastern edge of No Man's Land, only accessible after Lance and the Neon Valkyrie are defeated. One of the Glitch Areas appears in one of the Iron Fortress's outermost towers (on the same screen where Anna was fought) after the Axe is acquired in Greenwood Village; after the v2 update, finding the Axe also opens up a hole in the southern wall of the Iron Fortress, which leads to a secret Arcade.


No Man's Land is mainly populated by mechanical and Water-themed foes, including Cats, turtle Creeps, and Flybots.


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