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No Name is a Flash animation created by Matt Roszak in 2005. It is notable for introducing Goku, who would go on to appear in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.

Newgrounds: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/230788.

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ExqWI_6aXc


Against a backdrop of blue-tinted hills, Matt stands up in the foreground, rubbing his head as a "!" speech bubble appears beside him. He backs out of sight for a moment before dropping down with a sword, announcing "I WILL PWN U ALL!!1" He looks around before jumping away from a brown-haired woman that appears before him, saying "!? WTF!" as he does so. The woman - Cat - produces a much larger sword (prompting a sweat drop from Matt) and says "EVERYONE GETS TO DIE!!" with a happy expression. She clashes swords with Matt, who manages to push her away, but she quickly disarms him and stabs him with enough force to send him flying.

Amid a pool of his own blood, Matt expresses anger at the result as Cat relaxes; however, a shuriken flies in from off-screen behind her. The action freezes and zooms in as the words "OH NOES!!" flash for a moment; when the action resumes, it and two other shuriken embed themselves in Cat's back. The woman has barely enough time to process this with a "x_X" comment before a red-haired Ninja-Pirate leaps in and throws a fourth shuriken into her back. With a shout of "YE MUTINOUS DOG!!" (presumably aimed at Cat), he uses his katana to chop Cat into pieces that fall off-screen.

The Ninja-Pirate celebrates his victory...but not for long, as a caped man with spiky blue hair teleports in. After easily dodging the Ninja-Pirate's remaining shuriken and sword, he is introduced as Freeze, saying "YOU GOT WEASELS ON YOUR FACE" as he charges up a blue energy ball to blast off the Ninja-Pirate's right arm. Two more shots prove sufficient to remove his red-haired foe's other arm before blowing him off-screen, allowing Freeze to let out a sigh of relief...oblivious to the mysterious figure behind him until they announce their presence with a charged attack of their own.

To Freeze's shock, a Black Mage is behind him, releasing a massive red fireball that blows the blue-haired man to pieces - as he does this, he asks "IF WE DON'T PLAY GOD...THEN WHO WILL?" Shortly afterwards, the screen blacks out, save for a stylized nuclear symbol that slowly rotates as red-flashing text pans across the screen.




The screen fades in just enough to show the silhouettes of Black Mage and the newest combatant to join the fray as a spotlight shines down on Matt. He musters a shocked expression and a shout of "OMG" before falling back to the ground as the last participant of the fight is revealed: Goku. With a cry of "WEEEEEE!!", he begins flying around the bemused Black Mage; Matt gets up again with a "lol" before being rammed into the air by the Super Saiyan. With Matt flying off into the background, Black Mage shoots a fireball at Goku to finally stop his mindless flying; unfortunately, this only provokes Goku to prepare an attack of his own. Black Mage has just enough time for a "0_o" speech bubble before Goku launches a Super Kamehameha that blows up the entire Earth.

In the wake of the planet's annihilation, Goku zooms through the void of space, yelling "WEEEEEE!!" once again. He disappears into the distance before the "END" text flashes on screen.