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Non-elemental is a term used to describe weapons or skill that have no element attached to them. Their damage cannot be affected by elemental resistance, and Defence and Magic Defence stats still apply. It is often represented by alchemy, clockwork, bones, and stars. Non-elemental weapons tend to have higher stat bonuses than most weapons, and most random-status inflicting weapons are Non-elemental.


Non-Elemental attacks are quite common, though there are far fewer offensive non-elemental attacks than defensive ones. Technically speaking, all skills that are not 100% of a different element are partially non-elemental. Skills that solely buff/debuff or heal, such as Heal More and Barrier, don't count as non-elemental. Certain status inflicting skills are also non-elemental (such as Syphon prior to EBF4).

Many foes have non-elemental attacks for their "physical attack". Most slashing, punching and slamming attacks are non-elemental.

Offensive non-elemental attacks are rare, as the only non-Limit Break attacks are Lucky Star, Star Shower, Sawblade, Triple Sawblades, Star Blast, and Sushi Cat. This restricts the player's access to non-elemental attacks to Natalie, NoLegs and two of the remaining three characters. Some weapons, however, will provide a non-elemental attribute to the players' normal attacks and weapon-elemental skills.

As the name suggests, no enemies are resistant or weak to non-elemental attacks. Similarly, no armor or weapon gives resistance to non-elemental attacks. Therefore, it is the only type of damage capable of killing the Glitch, who resists all elements, and the only damage capable of damaging the Cosmic Gigalith outside of its single weakness.






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