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"Valkyrie, nuke my position, now. Stand back team, I'm gonna glass this whole area."
―Lance, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Nuke refers to one of two things in the Epic Battle Fantasy series; an enemy in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, or a Fire-elemental Limit Break available for Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4.

The Enemy

Thunder, Bomb
Status weaknesses None
Status resistances Poison, Seal, Blind

During EBF2 the Nuke appears as a helper for the Valkyrie Tank, which may be summoned as a random turret during tank's second phase. Its only "attack" is a countdown; when the countdown ends, it will launch itself and explode, dealing massive damage to Matt and Natalie, capable of easily killing them in one strike. Fortunately, it is relatively fragile compared to other components of the boss, especially when hit with its weakness.

On Epic Difficulty, Nukes take only two turns to launch, and the Valkyrie Tank tends to spawn two at a time. In this situation, the only option may be to use the Ion Cannon summon.

The Limit Break

The Nuke Limit Break calls back to its appearance in EBF2; using his radio, Lance orders the Valkyrie Tank to launch a massive nuclear missile that hits the enemies in a devastating explosion. It deals massive Fire-based damage to all foes and inflicts a negative status effect (Poison in EBF3, Burn in EBF4) on foes and players alike. Because of the indiscriminate nature of its secondary effect, Nuke requires some thought and planning to use, although it is still far less dangerous than the Black Hole Limit Break.

In EBF4, Dark Lance can also use Nuke, without any negative consequence to his side.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

EBF3 Skill Nuke
Limit Break! Extreme fire magic damage to everything. High accuracy. Radiation poisons everything.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Everyone Stat Magic 100% Element Fire Status Poison 200% 20% 20%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 120 100% 3x -- 1000
2 180 100% 3x -- 2000
3 250 100% 3x -- 4000
4 320 100% 3x -- 8000
5 450 100% 3x -- 16000
EBF3 Skill Airstrike EBF3 Skill Bullet Hell

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Nuke no longer deals recoil damage to the players.

EBF4 Skill Nuke
Limit Break! Targets all foes. Burns the targets and all allies too.
Target Type Element Status Effect Acc Crit RdF
Stat Magic
100% Element Fire
Status Burn 200%
Level Power Status Chance Status Strength MP AP Cost
1 150
100% 3x -- 300
2 230
100% 3x -- 900
3 320
100% 4x -- 2000
4 400
100% 4x -- 4000
5 500
100% 5x -- 12000
EBF4 Skill Air Strike EBF4 Skill Bullet Hell
Note: Forces the players to jump off the screen, curing Status Freeze Freeze.

Epic Battle Fantasy 5

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  • The Bestiary in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 identifies the Nuke as a "V3 Rocket". This is one of many Nazi allusions in Lance's EBF2 appearance; in this case, a parallel to the V1 and V2 missiles used by Nazi Germany in the final months of World War 2.
  • In EBF2, one medal requires you to be hit by a Nuke. In EBF3, you can earn a medal by using the Nuke Limit Break for the first time.
  • In EBF4, Nuke no longer dealing recoil damage to the players is explained as Lance having evacuated the entire team from the field, right before the nuke hits.