FFB2 One More Final Battle by kupo707

One More Final Battle is a Flash animation created by Matt Roszak in 2006. It has no relation to the Epic Battle Fantasy series, but features elements that would later be used in the popular game series. It follows Matt, Natalie and Mog on their journey to disk 4.


FF Battle 2 Screenie by kupo707

Scene of FF Battle

The story begins with Matt, Natalie and Mog travelling to Disk 4 when they are attacked by Lazarus. Initially, it appears that the heroic duo has the advantage, but Lazarus calls for backup from Lancelot. The two parties battle fiercely (with Mog getting kicked around by both sides), but Lazarus falls at the hands of Natalie's Pichu.

Lancelot becomes enraged, gaining a serious power boost, but even that is no match for the Meow Meow summon - unfortunately, Natalie is also defeated by mistake, and Lancelot kept Matt and Natalie distracted long enough for Lazarus to rejoin the battle. Now in his superpowered "HAX!! OVERLOAD" mode, Lazarus unleashes a titanic blast from his Ebay Cannon, destroying the bridge and knocking everyone into the sea surrounding it. As the fighters fall, a giant longcat roars across the Sea. Matt's body falls to the bottom of a sea of swords...

Influence on the Epic Battle Fantasy series

  • Lancelot bears some resemblance to Lance, and may have inspired the latter's design.
  • Lancelot's primary weapon appears to be the Thunder Spear.
  • Natalie's staff appears to be a prototype of the Dream Catcher.